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Jan 15, 2009 02:22 PM

Mexican restaurant near Disney World, Orlando

I read about a good Mexican restaurant just outside the Disney World Property. I lost the article and can not remember the name, Does anyone know the restaurant I am referring.

If not any suggestions for the area are welcome. Thanks In Advance

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  1. Not sure what might be just outside Disney property, but Los Generales, a terrific authentic Mexican, is not so far away, near the Ritz-Carlton.


    1. I like Garibaldi in Kissimmee. They also have a location on N. Somoran. Wonderful Chili rellenos.

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        I can't think of even one Mexican restaurant that's near Disney World. Maybe you heard about Cantino Laredo, an upscale-ish Mexican chain on Restaurant Row (Sand Lake Road)? That's been getting good buzz, although I wasn't particularly impressed. In Lake Buena Vista, Chevy's is all I can think of. Celebration has none ... so maybe the Kissimmee place?

      2. You maybe talking about Vallarta Mexican Grill. It is on Apopka Vineland, a mile or two north of the 535/Disney Entrance. It is in a shopping plaza with Steak & Shake and Fedex Kinkos.