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Jan 15, 2009 02:11 PM

Comments on AJ's Burgers, North Ave, New Rochelle

Someone told me they have the best burgers in the county. We used to love Piper's Kilt for the burger, although the fries and wine choices left something to be desired. If you've been , please share your experience/opinion.

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  1. pobo, I'm sure I read here that the burgers and hand cut fries are very good.

    I don't get the impression that they're the best in the county, though. I haven't yet been, so I can't weigh in. My favorites are still Blazer's and Squire's.

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      1. I am always looking for superior burgers. so today I made a special trip to AJ's on north ave in new rochelle for lunch. Ordered the cheeseburger deluxe with the works (lettuce, tomato, raw onion, pickle, chipotle sauce). The waiter specifically asks how you like the burger cooked. I ordered medium rare and that is exactly what I got -- really red but cooked not raw. AJ uses a superior chopped meat. It is coarse ground and very flavorful. You really taste the meat when you bite into the burger rather than having the toppings overwhelm. It is a burger that ought to be in the same discussion as Blazer's and Kelly's for best in Westchester. It is definitely better than Piper's Kilt. I would have preferred a Kaiser roll to the conventional bun but that is nitpicking. The presentation is outstanding. The burger sits on one side of the roll with the cheese sitting perfectly melted on top. The toppings are thin sliced and sit on the other side of the roll. Burger and fries are neatly set out in a large metal bowl/plate. And the fries are perfect natural cut fries of various lengths that arrived very hot and crispy. Order some extra chipotle sauce for the fries. Reminded me of In n Out Burger fries done "well," which is how i order them when I am out west. AJ, who I understand used to own the famous Wedge Inn, and his crew are incredibly friendly and the place is immaculate though certainly not fancy. It looks as it should like a burger joint. No counters but plenty of booths. The total bill for the works cheeseburger, plenty of fries, and a large coke was an unbelievably reasonable $8.66 including tax.

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          I still haven't tried this place. Maybe tomorrow. I have heard great things about it, but ironically. I have heard from two people that the only negative - the burgers. These are Kilt people and claim the burgers aren't even close to the Kilt's burgers. I will reserve judgement until I try it myself.

          I'm not trying to be a nitpicker, but your description of the burger and it's tppings is a little odd. How is it different than any other place? It sounds pretty much like every other burger joing in it's presentation. Did I miss something?>

        2. I'm thinking of going tomorrtow but I'm not really a burger person. Has anyone tried anything else?

          1. Please check the several Burger threads. Many comments located within.