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Jan 15, 2009 01:58 PM

I love mint tea. What's your favorite?

I want to search out some new mint teas to try. I'm looking for any with no caffeine, please.


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  1. I like plain peppermint, which I buy in bulk. When I lived in NYC the peppermint I bought from the German groceries in Yorkville was the best ever. I use it some in the winter, but especially like it for iced tea in the warmer months. Enjoy!

    1. are you looking for loose tea or bags?

      1. There's a Moroccan kosher resteurant here in LA called On Fire Grill that makes a great mint tea. I'm not sure if it has tea in it, per se, but they basically muddle fresh mint elaves and pour hot water over it and let it steep. It's so good!


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          Moroccan mint tea is green tea, mint, sugar, and water.

        2. For awhile I bought some at Whole Foods that had mint, but also cardamom, rose buds etc. - it was great hot or cold. I'll try to find the name for you.

          1. My favorite tea shop,
            Samovar Tea Lounge ( ) in San Francisco has a really good mint tea called Moorish Mint. It's a really delicious blend of green tea, mint and spices, perfect especially if you're feeling under the weather. It's my go-to tea when I'm stuffy and achy. They do mail order too.