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Jan 15, 2009 01:55 PM

New! Teatro Limon in P.V. anyone been?

I've been looking online and have founf what appears to be a new interesting-sounding restaurant in puerto Vallarta called Teatro Limon. Has anyone been there? what did you think of it? discuss.

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  1. If you have been to Bruce's Back Alley Bistro and enjoyed Bruce's outgoing personality and his overloaded servings you should like teatro limon.
    Take a look at for more information.

    1. this restaurant is good but if you are looking for an outstanding place to have dinner go to Casa Naranjo Restaurant @ naranjo street # 263 is the bomb!! pretty good menu, service and wine cellar more info:

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        I haven't been to Teatro Lemon so I cannot comment on that restaurant. However, I was less than enchanted with Casa Naranjo on my visit there in March '08. Service: excellent. Plating: Also very nice except for an issue with a separated butter sauce. And it's a cute little spot. Food, however, did not measure up. An orange soup with coriander was quite bland. Worse, the butter sauce served with my red snapper was obviously well separated and yet still served to me. My dining companion was also not so enthused with his meal. This is the only time I dined at Casa Naranjo so maybe it was an off night . . . a very off night . . . but with all of the great dining in Puerto Vallarta, I was not going to find out.

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          Teatro Lemon is a great Vallarta restaurant...Bruce will make you his special 4-5 course dinners, chefs table..great wines, wonderful service and personable. If your lucky you can sit after on the deck have a brandy and chat...we have met some very intersting and who's who of Vallarta here. He did a catered aged Prime Rib dinner for my family & friends on Boxing Day, to my home and it was to die for, demi unbelievable and honeyed carrot even my kids ate...don't miss this restaurant
          we will be back in September - March Bruce

      2. steve if you want just google the restauraunt and you will find a lot of peoples reviews
        chowhound users just recently got wind of my place


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          I have been to Teatro Limon many times. It is at the top of the places to dine in the PV Bay Area. I edit Restaurant Guide Beck's Best and since it opened, it has been in the top 10 maybe 5. The quality cannot be touched plus it is a 'Teatro', a theater, with spendid show by mster chef and owner Bruce. His former place Back Alley Steakhouse closed, sold and we do not know what will take over that space.