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Jan 15, 2009 01:49 PM

Good food in Inner Harbor

I am going to be in Baltimore this weekend for a convention and will be staying in Inner Harbor. I don't think I'll have much time to get too far away from there, but hoping there might be some good, ethnic food in the area. I love anything from Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, etc. Also if it is not particularly ethnic but has great food, that's what I am looking for. Thanks!

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  1. My favorite place to go in Baltimore involves traveling up Charles Street to Mt. Vernon. The Helmand is a wonderful Afghani restaurant.

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      Tio Pepe's is great for Spanish food. It is an old place not far from the harbor-although you would need to drive there.

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        tio pepe's is a blast from the past. pretty popular with the baltimore sun crowd back in the day. i enjoyed it when visiting. glad to hear it's still cooking.

    2. For Thai, I'd recommend Ten-o-six, located at (oddly enough) 1006 Light Street. Small, casual, but great Thai. Very friendly owner, and some of the best flavors I've come across. Start off with their calimari...