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Jan 15, 2009 01:37 PM

Mimi's suggestions

We will be right across from a Mimi's on our trip to Disneyland. Anyone got any suggestions or tips?

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  1. Actually have had nothing bad at Mimi's- breakfast, lunch or dinner. It depends on your taste. Order what you like. Unusual for a chain.

    Now they are promoting 'just enough' meals which don't include a choice of muffin (baked fresh, usually served hot) and portions are a tad smaller. The regular meals are quite large. I see crayons but have never seen a children's menu.

    Certain items are 'seasonal'-change every 6 weeks or so...and that change is coming this week or next. (appetizer, entrees and desserts)

    1. For breakfast, Mimi's makes a killer Pan Perdu french toast stuffed with cream cheese and orange marmalade that is to die for..served with eggs, chicken sausage and muffin or toast.

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        The pain perdu is my go-to item at Mimi's when their pumpkin pancakes are out of season.

        Also, if you like corned beef hash, my DH says theirs is the best (and he is incredibly hard to please).

      2. Breakfast is what they do best. Lunch and dinner are just okay. The orange juice is some of the best, and no matter what I order, I always get a side of the corned beef hash. It's MADE FROM SCRATCH, not out of a can. Trust me on this one, it's not to be missed.

        The pumpkin pancakes in the fall are the best thing, but when they don't have those, the cinnamon raisin French toast is good, and the Belgian waffles are wonderful.

        1. My family (parents, brother, sister) has been going to Mimi's for Thanksgiving for years, since mom decided she is too old to do all that cooking. It's really quite decent, albeit pretty bland (but the standard Thanksgiving dinner is pretty bland at home too). I lived in Paris for a couple of years, and am a big fan of French onion soup, and theirs is perfectly decent. I was in Southern Cal visiting my parents last weekend, and they took my husband and me to Mimi's for breakfast. We were really surprised at how good everything was. I split the Crepes Cordon Bleu with my mother. The sauce tasted like it might have started life as a powder, but it really was not bad, and the rest of the ingredients were obviously fresh. My dad got the pain perdue, and it looked really good with lots of fresh berries on top. He said it was delicious. My husband got the huevos con papas, and he also pronounced it delicious. We picked up the tab, and with coffee, fresh juice all around, and breakfast, it was only around $35 before tip. I wouldn't go out of my way to eat there, but I wouldn't hesitate to order anything that looks good if I find myself there.

          1. I was just at a Mimi's for dinner when visiting my parents over New Years.
            I had one of the 'just enough' meals (Pasta Primavera - the veggies were fresh, so I was happy) and it was more than enough - in fact, to my eyes it looked 'normal-sized' vs. super-sized.
            The food is decent as is the price.
            They do have a kids menu and, in comparison to most other places, it's pretty large for what it is. I didn't care for the entree I ordered my toddler - turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy. The stuffing was way over-salted and the plate was lacking in veggies (I assumed there would be something like green beans on the side, I was wrong). It was also a pretty large portion for a kids meal.

            Honestly, after an exhausting day at Disneyland, it sound like a pretty good option.