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Jan 15, 2009 01:34 PM

Ethnic restaurant between OC and SD?

We need to meet friends for dinner somewhere between Huntington Beach and North SD County. None of us is much into drinking, but we do like tasty food. Three of us are omnivores, but I'm a vegetarian, mostly vegan. Ethnic restaurants work well for us. Can anyone suggest some restaurants we might try that have reasonable vegetarian options and won't require either party to drive more than an hour? We've done Inka Grille in Lake Forest and Passage to India in Encinitas.

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  1. I'm a huge fan of Qero in Encintas. It's peruvian and south american. Make sure to make a reservation though as it's a very small place.

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      Thanks, SD Gourmand. I was there once almost two years ago and found it awfully pricey for what you got, and although we had reservations, we still have to wait, and they didn't have enough menus. (And there was only one veg dish on the menu, and it was loaded with cream.) But maybe I need to give it another chance.

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        I have a peruvian coworker who has eaten at Qero and she wasn't overly impressed of the quality especially for these prices. For good Peruvian in SD Latin Chef is the best option (even though I find their Lomo Saltado not good and prefer the one at Tropical Star.)

      2. I like Bangkok Bay in Solana Beach (on the 101 at the south end of Solana Beach). Good Thai, nice lunch specials, really nice atmosphere inside the restaurant.

        For super casual, but fits the bill, there is Swami's Cafe in Encinitas, very good vegetarian & vegan options with meat dishes as well

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          Thanks, Enorah. We've had good experiences at Bangkok Bay too, though I was hoping to find something farther north so our friends don't have to drive more than an hour. There seems to be a wasteland between Carlsbad and Lake Forest when it comes to good ethnic restaurants. Then again, maybe I just don't know where to look. I've never managed to get into Swami's on a weekend, but didn't know it was open for dinner. It always seemed like a breakfast and lunch place.

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            Oh carp, for some reason, I thought you were talking about lunch

            Swami's is not open for dinner, sorry. Mozy's Diner in Encinitas is open for dinner and has vegan options, but I have not eaten there, so I can not recommend one way or the other.

            I'm thinking for you

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              Mozy's is really mediocre, IMO. I really want to like it more, but I haven't had a decent meal there yet and so don't even consider it anymore.

              This is off topic, of course, but for breakfast and lunch in the area, there's nothing I like more than Naked Cafe in Solana Beach. It's crowded on weekends, though, and for good reason.

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                Now I understand why it is in the year and a half we have lived here that we have not been to Mozy's. Thanks. Naked has always looked good to us.

                Have you checked out the new raw food joint in Carlsbad? Blissful, I think it is called

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                  You know I screwed up. It's the Roxy in Encinitas that's really mediocre. I actually like Mozy quite a bit, though the Thai wrap about took the roof of my mouth off the last time I was there. That was the only questionable meal I've had there.

                  The only raw food place I know about in Carlsbad is Cilantro, and I haven't tried it yet. Good to know there's another. My SO refuses to try it, so I have to find braver soul to go with me. There's another raw place behind Mozy, isn't there?

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                    Thanks for clearing that up about Mozy's. I agree about The Roxy.

                    Yes, the raw food joint behind Mozy's is call The Greenery. I have not been.

                    Blissful Living Food & Juice
                    300 Carlsbad Village Dr, Carlsbad, CA

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                      Mozy is quite nice. They have some nice vegetarian burritos and wraps