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Jan 15, 2009 01:16 PM

Kriek– Belgian Beer in Manhattan

On a recent visit to Brussels I fell in love with Kriek. It's a cherry beer, known mostly in Belgium. I was wondering if anyone knew any bars and/or liquor stores in Manhattan that might sell it??


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  1. I would try Devil Hop Grill or Croxley's in the East Village or Peculiar Pub in the West Village, all have a huge beer selection.

    1. There's a website called that may help. Do you mean Lindeman's Kriek Lambic?

      1. It's not at all uncommon to find it in bars around town. Worth asking anywhere there's a decent selection. There's a Belgian beer bar in the village - Vol de Nuit at 148 West 4th - which should have it. Same goes for stores - try any beer specialist: Dual Products on First Avenue at 6th Street will have it.

        1. Buncha Krieks at DBA - is one of them your fave?

          1. Yes, Kriek is a wonderful beer. You can usually find one of the more common brands like Lindemans at small grocery stores and specialty shops all over the city. Going to one of the Belgian beer bars (d.b.a., Vol de Nuit, Burp Castle) or other beer-focused bars might allow you to taste some less common Krieks.

            Some of the more commercial Krieks like Lindemans and Bellvue I find a bit too sweet. Cantillon which is the only brewery remaining in the city of Brussels makes one that I find too sour (they do not add sugar). However some other Krieks have the balance I find just right. Boon comes to mind.

            Most Krieks are in the lambic family of beers (a rather acidic spontaneously fermented beer). However, for a bit different taste, you also might try a Belgian Kriek-flavored brown ale. Liefmans makes one that is quite good.