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Jan 15, 2009 01:14 PM

Last minute Florentine Renaissance H'ors??

OK so I volunteered to pick up my book club tomorrow nite after hostess cancelled. Book was set in 1490's Florence. Here are my ideas so far...I won't have a lot of time to prep/ cook but it's only 5 or 6 ppl and most eat dinner first.
Turkey bisteeya type thing...a phyllo triangle filled with precooked ground turkey with saffron, ginger, onion, scrambled egg, maybe some nutmeg and clove I'll have to taste as I go along. Powdered sugar and cinnamon on top.
Little fried bread dough half moon shaped pastries filled with chard, pignoli, raisins, a little ricotta and pecorino.
A simple almond flour cake filled with apricot preserves
??? I could use one more thing and some tweaking what I've got. Any advice appreciated, thinks in advance.
I do have a Lynne Rosetto Kaspar recipe for an eggy sweet pasta tart baked in a pie crust I am also considering...
I also bought chickpea flour thinking of socca but I've never made or even had those so I'm leaning against it. Plus I guess it's not really regionally appropriate.

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  1. I forgot to mention that I also picked up a can of chestnut cream because I read that chestnuts were widely used at that time. But I won't go out for anything else because it's -5 here and I'd have to take my little kids with!

    1. Scampi and Lard on Toast is very Florentine Rennaissance: scampi tails, asparagus, bread (rustic style), lardo di Colonnata, tomatoes, basil, olive oil, salt, pepper. But you could skip the lard and just make an asparagud/tomato sauce with basil and add whole or chopped shrimp.

      1. There are tons of renaissance and medieval websites out there that have recipes. Google for them and you'll be amazed what you find.

        1. This is quite a treasure trove for historical cookery :

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            Wow, what a fantastic site. Thank you JungMann.