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Jan 15, 2009 01:07 PM

Please compare Anisette&La Cachette/Grace&Hatfield's

I have been dying to go to all four of these restaurants but would love to know how they compare. In regards to wonderful French food what's the difference between Anisette and La Cachette, and which restaurant is superior Hatfields or Grace?


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  1. I haven't been to Grace but I went to Hatfield's last weekend and I highly recommend. I wasn't impressed by the pre fixe menu, but I liked everything else I sampled. Here is what I recommend:
    Croque Madame as appetizer
    Short ribs and hangar steak as main
    Warm Pear, tart and Medjool date ice cream for dessert.

    I've had others tell me Grace is not worth the hype. However they do have their tasting menu discounted on certain days and I hear it's a great deal.

    1. Anisette is a classic brasserie with (mostly) very good food and variable service (depending on who you get and time of day). La Cachette is a fine dining restaurant with very good nouvelle style cuisine. Between the two of them, it is really a question of what style you are in the mood for.

      Grace is a lovely restaurant with charming owners and staff--I always wish I liked it more than I do. Hatfield's is a (much smaller) lovely restaurant with charming owners and staff--it has never let me down. The menu at Hatfield's is much smaller than that at Grace but I have never lacked for delicious choices. I have had some terrific meals at Grace but more often forgettable ones.

      1. I've been to Anisette twice and I was very dissapointed with moule frites. Frites were fine but moules were small, sandy and wine sauce was a bit off? - bitter. I really like Church & State downtown. Their moules frites are fantastic!

        1. Everything mentioned was very helpful.

          I know that I will definitely go out of my way to experience Hatfield's.

          In regards to Anisette and La Cachette, I'm still in a pickle. I adore French food both the upscale (Melisse and La Folie in San Francisco) probably changed my life :)

          At the same time I find great comfort in traditional French peasant food, because it reminds me of cafes and bistro's in Paris.

          I guess I'm not looking into which restaurant is better when compared stylistically, more so if either is overrated or is a "must experience".

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            I really love Anisette. It will definitely remind you of Paris. It's been at least 5 years since I went to La Cachette, but I recall that the ambiance was staid and the food overrated.

          2. I like Anisette, it's a more casual, laid back place that's cheaper than La Cachette. I've been to La Cachette a few times, and you should go when Meteigner is there. I've heard the place isn't as good if he is not present. I really like the foie gras there. The ambience there is nice, but it's simple....not as "fancy" as some other places. Anisette is more "charming", but it's pretty loud there.

            Hatfield's is nice, but it's more California cuisine. I do like the place b/c it's got a bit of a "mom & pop" feel. Food was terrific when I was there.

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            1. re: martiniman

              Thank you so much! That last post was so helpful, I really appreciate all the insight, especially the bit about the foie (swoon)!

              1. re: rachel12

                Dismiss Cachette to start with. Then say, do I want French bistro(Anisette or Comme Ca or Pastis, etc.), or serious French.
                If serious, do Ortolan or Melisse, if bistro do Pastis unless you need a full liquor license, which it does not have. As good food as any of the bistros mentioned, more fun and less hectic environs, and your wallet and ears will greatly appreciate the difference.
                Hatfields is better than all of them, yet has a very limited menu and does not have a French influence as martiniman said, but a California influence.
                Lucques should be the other option, though.

                1. re: carter

                  Thank you for your post. I've done Comme Ca, Ortolan, Melisse, and Lucques, and loved them all. Of course to compare Comme Ca to Melisse is silly, I'm not trying to find good french by a particular approach, instead, what is out there that I must try. Thanks for all your input. I never considered Pastis.