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Jan 15, 2009 12:54 PM

Dumplings in the Triangle

Asian choices have come a long way over the last few years, but I still struggle to find not only quality dumplings, but a good selection. I live in Durham, but anywhere in the triangle would be great.

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  1. Have you tried Duck & Dumpling in downtown Raleigh? They're entree prices are ...pricey. But if you're just looking for dumplings, you can pull up to their bar enjoy some drinks and snack on some pretty tastey dumplings for a reasonable amount of money.

    1. Try dim sum at Hong Kong on Guess Rd. in Durham. They have them during lunch on the menu, but on the weekend they wheel out the carts.

      1. Lantern in Chapel Hill has excellent dumplings, along with every other delicious thing on their menu. Sneak in the side/back door to the bar, enjoy a couple of great cocktails, and have some of their appies. Last time we were there, we had the vegetarian dumplings, the fatback, and the salt/pepper shrimp with fried cilantro/jalapenos. All superb.

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          I like the Lantern, but have found their dumplings often oversalted and of course, pretty pricey compared to a place like Hong Kong. I know you're paying for quality ingredients and atmosphere, which is great there - I'm not dissing the Lantern. Jujubee also has nice dumplings in the pricier, more upmarket category.

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            Juijubee's dumplings are O.K. nothing fantastic. Never understood what all the raving was about.

            1. re: chazzer

              I did say "nice" - wouldn't call that raving.

        2. I recommend getting them at Grand Asia Market. But get there early, they go fast.

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            What kind of dumplings do they have at Grand Asia? And when can you get them? I was there yesterday and had a fantastic steamed veggie bun and some dou hua (that fresh, super-soft tofu that you can get salty or sweet) but I didn't see any signs of dumplings.