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Jan 15, 2009 12:37 PM

Northern Indian Restaurant near K Street

I have been trying to find someone who remembers a beautiful two level Northern Indian Restaurant, very formal, that was located near K Street in DC. Anybody remember it?

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  1. Could it be Aroma? Off I ST?

    1919 I (Eye) Street, NW
    Washington, DC 20006

      1. re: chaofun

        If it's Bombay Palace, they closed over a year ago to make way for the new Peacock Grand Cafe

        1. re: KWynn

          I'm guessing the OP is thinking of Bombay Palace in its original location, which was across K Street, in the same block with the old Jean Pierre restaurant, IIRC. It was on two levels, but only the entrance was street level. It was very elegant, with lots of pastel fabrics and niches with Indian art objects. And a suave maitre 'd.

          They moved, I'm thinking, about 12 years ago.

          1. re: Gonzocook

            right on gonzo! ah, the good old days. the food was great, and as regulars, we were treated royally.

            in their new location, and with ownership and management changes, the resto sunk to great lows -- despite the beautiful aquarium. ;-(. the last time we went, i sent back butter chicken twice, and then a third time for good -- to not eat at all. just horrible and truly, literally flavorless.

      2. Nirvana?

        1810 K St NW, Washington, DC