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Goodhealthgourmet's Black Bean Dip

Just a shoutout to GHG for her delicious recipe for black bean dip. I love it so much that I've actually made it three times the past week!

If you haven't tried it, you really should. It's healthy, easy and so tasty. I used Total 2% yogurt. And in one version I roasted the cumin seeds before grinding them to make it smokier.


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  1. It truly IS addictive...love it over nachos now, too.

    1. ok, i JUST found this thread when i was searching for a link to post the recipe for another CHer. thanks so much guys...coming from you it really means a lot :)

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          GHG: I see a mention of a lentil/walnut pate - would you mind posting the recipe?

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            jen, i have a couple of different recipes, but i posted one in this thread a while back:


            the recipe amyzan posted on that same page sounds great as well.

            and the recipe from Real Food Daily in Los Angeles is always a hit:


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              ohhhhhhh. drat! I can see another 'addiction' coming my way here....darn you,GHG!!! The only ingredient I'm unfamiliar with is the umeboshi paste...what is it? Can it be purchased at an Asian food store? This sounds SO delicious...love lentils!

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                Val, you're too much :)

                umeboshi paste is made from pickled, preserved plums. you can find it either at an Asian grocery store or at WFM in the section with the Asian ingredients & packaged seaweed.

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                GHG - I made your dip...it's fantastic! My kids inhaled it which means it's a win in my house.

                Thanks so much for the recipe.

          2. I make one very similar, but admit, with the yogurt and a few other ingredients ... it was very good.

            Excellent recipe.

            1. GHG black bean dip is truly addictive! Do try it if you haven't.

              Another GHG recipe I tried this weekend was, "GHG's LEMON-TAHINI SAUCE"


              This is another keeper! Thanks GHG

              1. Yes!!
                The GhG is the Queen of Black Bean Dip!
                It's one my favorite dips. *Clapping*

                1. GHG, looks like you need to post that as a Member Recipe on the Recipe board!


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                    LW, I'm so glad you recommended that. I was thinking of starting a post as to why people don't post recipes on the recipe board instead of getting them lost in the shuffle out here in boardland. Whether you have created something totally original or tweaked an old favorite to make a recipe your own, I love the idea of having my own creations over there...and it's very easy to link to them as you just demonstrated.

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                      in my defense, i think i initially posted that recipe before the "Member Recipes" function was a viable option...and then i just never had the motivation to re-enter it because my first experience (with my Wasabi-Sesame Tuna recipe) was a nightmare before they worked out the kinks :)

                      i'll do it soon, i promise!

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                        just wanted to let you all know that i finally published it...


                        thanks for all the love! :)

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                          Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! It's already legendary, but now it's official. :)

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                            "legendary" might be a bit much ;) but you guys all made me feel so guilty about not having published it!

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                              It's called GWL - Guilting With Love. ;-)

                              1. re: LindaWhit

                                oh i know...i was raised by Brooklyn Jews so i'm quite familiar with the process ;)

                    2. GHG or anyone who has made this dip...it is on my menu for Sunday afternoon and I am excited to serve it to my guests (I have never made it before). Can I make it tomorrow (Friday) and will it hold up? I was planning to make it Saturday, but was thinking that if I could get a bunch of stuff done tomorrow, then less to do on Saturday or Sunday.

                      What do you think? Thanks.

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                        absolutely! it's *better* when it has a chance to "rest" in the fridge for a day or two :) i hope you all enjoy it - please report back if you remember.

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                          Great, thanks! And I will report back...

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                            GHG ---- So happy Valerie asked that question - I searched for GHG to ask about making this in advance - and now I see I can- but I am also wondering, and planning on making the chili-lime corn chips - how many days in advance can those be made?

                            Planning on making this for this Sunday!

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                              You can make the chips a couple of days ahead and store them in an airtight container, but they may get soggy if they're exposed to high humidity (they're not as "hardy" as store-bought fried chips). If they go a little soft or chewy on you, just pop them in a hot oven for a minute or two to crisp them back up.

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                                GHG - thanks so much for your prompt reply! So today being Wednesday, and the party is on Sunday, would you think it is ok to make both the dip and the chips today? If not, please advise.

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                                  Wait until tomorrow or Friday if possible. Even though the dip will hold in the fridge, I usually only make it 24-48 hours in advance. And the chips taste best when they're fresher. You can get away with it, but it's not ideal.

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                                    Sorry for cluttering up this thread - but since GHG is being so helpful......I am attempting to do as much as possible in advance, tomorrow I am working and Friday and Saturday the kitchen is getting painted! How's that for timing?! Party is on Sunday.

                                    Having 12 Adults, not terrible, menu consisting of potato latkes, homemade applesauce, cheesy mushroom pull-apart bread, GHG black bean dip and lime corn chips all while we are drinking and opening holiday gifts (don't ask! lol) -- then ceasar salad, chicken scarp, spinach mushroom lasagna, ziti with garlic and oil.

                                    Guess I will hold off on the dip and chips till tomorrow night.

                                    1. re: smilingal

                                      Yowza! That's *a lot* of food. Are you sure you need 2 pasta dishes?

                                      To make things easier on yourself, assemble the lasagna today - wrap it well and freeze until Saturday, then transfer to the fridge to thaw overnight. Just pop it in the oven when you're ready to bake it on Sunday. And of course make the applesauce n advance & just store in the fridge.

                                      Do wait until tomorrow for the chips & dip if you can. The dip only takes a few minutes to throw together. The chips are more time-intensive due to the baking & turning, but it's all pretty simple.

                                      1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                                        The ziti is for those who might not want the spinach and mushrooms - but I am pretty sure there are no picky eaters! lol
                                        We like to eat! I read this too late - and will be holding off on the lasagna. Somehow, it will all get done, it always does. Thanks again!

                        2. I felt it incumbent on me to find this (it was only on page 5) as I copied the recipe a couple of days ago and made it last night.

                          To say "it's a keeper" is an understatement.

                          Mr Shallots loved it (to the extent he didn't buy onion dip when he went out this a.m.) and I think I could live off of it, and be very very happy.

                          I do cook black beans from scratch using Pepin's recipe for Black Bean Soup (an homage to his wife's way with black beans going to her Cuban heritage). We have loved that soup since the first time I made it. Now I wonder if the soup will make even two meals because the beans have what will be a higher calling.

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                            Aw, yay! So glad you both enjoyed it :) And yes, fresh beans are always a bonus.

                            1. re: shallots

                              I've always *loved* this dip...haven't made it in a while but I am SO making it this weekend...will bring surplus to work on Monday so others can also enjoy!