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Jan 15, 2009 11:41 AM

NYLO in Warwick, RI?

Anyone been to the restaurant in the new NYLO hotel in Warwick? Would you recommend it?
The website doesn't seem to have a menu, or much info at all about what kind of food/prices to expect there...

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  1. I'm interested in feedback on this place too. Here is a paragraph from yesterday's projo.
    "NYLO, 400 Knight St., Warwick, (401) 734-4460,, has introduced a new selection of “Not So Small” dishes of comfort food at The Loft. The items include Beamish Braised Short Ribs with traditional polenta and spiked pan gravy for $26, Osso Bucco with root vegetable mash and burgundy pan sauce for $28, Surf & Turf featuring grilled angus fillet and shrimp scampi for $30, Pan Seared Scallops with scallion-proscuitto risotto and chive oil for $21, and Crisp Salmon with root vegetable-potato cake, grilled Brussels and pomegranate buerre blanc for $22. The Loft’s eclectic menu has added crab cakes with spicy remoulade for $11, root vegetable-potato cakes with crème fraiche for $7 and grilled Brussels sprouts with pork belly for $7.50. The Loft serves breakfast, lunch and dinner daily."

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      I'll try anything that's outside the city and has a parking lot. I'm getting so old.

    2. Not only do they have a parking lot, but they have valet on Friday and Saturday nights! How's that for RI-attitude?

      The food is great - but the dining room has limited seating, so call ahead. We've been going since they opened in Sept - the stuff in the projo was an announcement about the mid-winter menu refresh. I also caught wind of a special promotion they are starting this weekend - some lighter items paired with a glass of wine or beer - limited hours, i think

      1. I went for lunch today...I did not know what to expect. The decor was interesting, I likes the shells inside the clear glass tables. But this is a board all about the food. I thought the menu was really different and interesting. Because of who i was with I settled on the Nylo burger (although the Lasagne Soup special sounded good, and the RI Sliders (1 lobster salad slider, 1 hamburger slider and 1 other I can't remember) almost sold me. The Nylo burger was a full beef burger, a crab cake, a tomato slice, some spinach, an onion ring and a spicy (although more tangy than spicy) rémoulade sauce all on a bun. It was cooked perfectly and it was delicious. There were about 10 things on the menu I now want to go back and try and I hope they are all as good as this burger.

        1. The worst lobster salad sandwich ever. No celery, no mayo, no salt, no pepper. And this is Rhode Island! an embarrassment for what a "trendy" bar will serve. It was a mid-week, but any Rhode Island chef worth their paycheck should be able to whip up (or have on hand) a decent Lobster Salad! The portion size might satisfy as grazing food with drinks, but will not suffice for dinner.
          Not worth the buzz given in the projo.