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Jan 15, 2009 11:38 AM

Fresh & Easy opening in Pasadena

Not sure if anyone has posted this yet (I went back to 1/8 and did not see anything so I apologize in advance if someone has) but I saw a banner in front of the old Wild Oats on Monday indicating that a Fresh & Easy will be opening in the space. From what I remember, it did not indiate a date.
I live a block from the Arcadia location and absolutely love it. My most recent find is their white cheese mac n cheese which is AMAZING for an easy meal (add some cayenne and salt and you are good to go)!

I know Will Owen will be pleased with this news!! ;-)


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  1. Thanks for that update! I love Fresh&Easy. I'm just glad they got a good place to replace Wild Oats...I was sad to see it close!

    1. We must be neighbors. I'm also 1 block away.

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        I'm walking distance away too and am happy Fresh & Easy is coming, but I seldom went to Wild Oats as the parking lot completely insufficient for the traffic that Peet's and Noah's alone drives. I was there at 11 a.m. yesterday to go to Peet's and I'd say the parking lot was 3/4 full even without a tenant in the anchor space. Am wondering if they're letting the construction crew park there as otherwise I can't imagine why the lot would be so full.
        I sent a letter to the city about a year ago saying the parking situation crazy and please keep that in mind in the future when making zoning decisions.

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          I agree, I am not within walking distance and I used to dread the parking mess when I used to go to Wild Oats. I live in eastern Altadena, so I will probably continue to shop at the Arcadia location most of the time.

          I've noticed quite a few new locations that will be opening this year.

      2. Well, I'm as pleased as a guy can get. I've been stopping at both the Arcadia and Eagle Rock stores when I'm in their vicinity, which is actually fairly often, but the old WO location is right on my basic daily grocery loop: down Lake to California and around to TJ's, then back up to Ralphs. I stop in that lot frequently to get coffee and Chemex filters from Peet's now; yes, I'm sure that it will become much more crowded, and by the same self-absorbed morons as frequented WO. But into every life...

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          Well self absorbed morons and then the truely clueless Caltech staff- like my husband ;-)

          I hope the smarten up like TJ's and the Wild Oats and make a microwave available for folks who come to grab lunch and sit on the patio.

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            I made a Peet's stop (ooohh, that sounds funny!) this afternoon, and saw that they'd gutted the old Jurgensen's/Wild Oats space completely, all the way to the outer walls in some places, and added new walls to expand the space. With the size of the space they've fenced off and the amount of excavation, I'm assuming there will be a significant amount of added parking, and a significant increase in the store's square footage as well. This promises to be the biggest F&E around.

            And when we went down Fremont last night, there was a sign-spinner advertising a new one in Alhambra. Don't know where, but I need to make a Costco run anyway, so I guess I'll find out.

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              it's right near Costco on Main St. I believe it opened on the 15th...