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Jan 15, 2009 11:16 AM

Need one more hors d'oeuvre--help!

Having people over for dinner tonight, and plan to put out good olives and an old-fashioned hors d'oeuvre my grandma used to make (chopped onion+mayo+parmesan spread onto baguette slices and broiled--delicious!). I want to put out one more thing, but I can't think of anything besides crudite that isn't also creamy/cheesy/full of fat. Any suggestions on how to round this out would be appreciated!

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  1. How about smoked salmon of some sort?

    1. Bacon-wrapped figs? Prosciuto and melon? What about humus on a cucumber slice?

      1. think simple. a plate of prosciutto. citrus supremes. mixed nuts. hot anchovies.

        1. This is something we loved as kids and when the family gathers, I usually make it for an appetizer.

          Celery stalks (peel off the threads) cut into 1 in pieces and stuffed with either peanut butter or a cheese spread.

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          1. Simple and easy... wrap sugar dates with prosciutto and bake at 350° till the prosciutto takes on just a little color. Salty, sweet, easy, and just a touch exotic.... oh and realy, realy, good!