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Football food - with a Ravens theme

My Ravens are playing this Sunday and I want to serve food and drinks that are Baltimore and/ or Ravens-themed. Some things I'm considering: crab dip, Old Bay wings, purple drinks, etc. Has anyone tried a great purple cocktail/ shot? (So many of the purple shot recipes are too syrupy sweet.) Or do you have a recipe for classic Bmore dishes or any purple food? I enjoy cooking and complex recipes don't worry me - I just want them to be delicious!

Thanks for all your help. I look forward to hearing from everyone (well maybe not Steelers fans).

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  1. For finger food, maybe an Edgar Allan Po' boy?

    1. Maybe work in some eggplant? I'm from Pittsburgh so I shouldn't even be helping you!

      1. Perhaps a sangria with some golden oranges and lemons? Not quite seasonal, but I cant really think of a wintery purple drink outside of red wine. Maybe a mulled red wine cider?

        1. Another crab option is crab stuffed mushrooms. I think the crab dip idea is classic, so I wouldn't get rid of that. But if you don't think 2 crab options is too much, then maybe you could try the mushrooms too.

          Oh, and GO RAVENS! :)

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            Two crab dishes definitely aren't out of the question for me. I was considering mini crab cakes, but I like the stuffed mushrooms too! Unfortunately, I'll be the only Baltimoron in the group, so not everyone will have the same Old Bay addiction that I was born with.

            I also thought of tapenade, which can be purple-ish with Kalamata olives. Thanks for all the great ideas! Keep them coming.

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              I'll give you one more crab idea. I went to a wedding a few years ago that had mango crab salsa on a tortilla chip as a passed hors d'oeuvre. I think a big bowl of mango crab salsa could be delicious.

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                I'm drooling over here....
                Have you tried to recreate this?

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                  I haven't, but now I inspired to give it a shot. I make a pretty mean mango salsa, so I should try throwing in some crab next time.

                  It's actually a funny story. I was at that wedding with my brother, who is a strict vegan. I was tasting everything for him to see if there was meat/seafood/dairy somehow hidden in there. We saw the chip, and I was like, "come on, it's just salsa! there's nothing except vegetables/fruit in there!" So, he goes to try it first, and of course, he gets a mouthful of lump crab mixed with all of the fruit/vegetables. Luckily for me, even though he's strict about his diet, he's a pretty laid back guy, and we just laughed at it.

          2. There are a couple of old-fashioned cakes--a Lady Baltimore cake (white or angel food cake topped with a boiled frosting loaded with figs, raisins, and pecans) and a Lord Baltimore cake (yellow cake frosted and filled with pecans, almonds, maraschino cherries and macaroon crumbs) You can probably Google all kinds of recipes for them, or look in any old-fashioned cookbook (_Joy of Cooking_ is a good bet).

            1. How about black and white stripe cookies with steel colored bars to honor Ray Lewis?

              I'm sorry, I couldn't help it....

              1. You could always buy some Ravenswood Zinfandel! There are even ravens on the label.

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                1. My suggestion is if you can find them some Baltimore made polish sausage like the ones from Pollock Johnnys' or some really good Baltimore inspired corned beef.....hth

                  1. Wings are on OUR menu for the game this Sunday -- the OTHER game, that is! "Fly, Eagles, Fly..."

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                      Old Bay wings are always on the menu for me! Perhaps we'll see you in Tampa!

                    2. Hey! So I'm in the Pacific NW, transplant from Bmore, responsible to bring it with some authentic Balti food. I plan on making Pit Beef sliders - with the hot horseradish sauce - crab dip with Old Bay - lake trout yes, edgar allen po' boys, and I'm going to try to fake and bake some Berger cookies.

                      1. Chicken wings can be Raven Wings. Flacco Tacos!

                        My husband votes for the Edgar Allan Po Boys.

                        Maryland: Little crab cakes for sure. Real men eat crab quiche? Meh. maybe not that.

                        Cocktails: http://bartenderapp.com/ingredients/g...
                        I saw someone said Ravenswood Zin - A good idea!

                        1. Don't forget the "ersters"! How about oyster stew? You could do raw oysters, but I wouldn't want to drink and shuck. I like my palms in one piece, thank you.

                          I love the idea of sausages from Pollack Johnny's or Ostrowski's and definitely, Natty Boh!

                          1. Maybe muddle some blueberries in vodka and then strain it, they turn purple when you squish 'em!

                            1. I know some people eat them in other countries but frankly I don't think there would be much you could do to make them tasty. You know in the cities they are garbage eaters so you'll need to find some one in the country with a shot gun to get some for you. It's now a bit late to have them on Sunday. Anyway, good luck. Here's recipe for 'rook pie'.http://forums.pigeonwatch.co.uk/forum...

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                                Four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie.

                                First you get a net and a wheat field and wait for the flocks of thousands of black birds to come.

                              2. A friend sent this link this morning if anyone still needs ideas

                                1. This year especially, I think Ravens football food theme deserves venison. Maybe omit the antlers.