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Jan 15, 2009 11:05 AM

Driving from LA to Mammoth - any recs?

Ehh....the title is pretty self explainatory. I'm taking a road trip to Mammoth lakes this weekend. Are there any good pit stops along the way for food/convenience stores?

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  1. The one stop I make sure to make every time is at Erick Schat's in Bishop.

    1. excellent mexican food in bishop @ Las Palmas. I stop to eat here every time I head up that way. Schatts bakery in Bishop has really good sandwiches, and is always packed, too.

      1. There is a cool gas station in independence that sells good beef jerky, stuffed olives,etc.. They also have some slot machines and stuff.

        1. Lone Pine
          High Sierra Cafe for breakfast

          Taqueria Las Palmas
          136 E. Line Street
          Behind the Mountain Light Gallery.

          Mogul for dinner
          Lakefront for dinner
          Shogun for dinner
          The Stove for breakfast

          1. The Pines Cafe is one of the best places for breakfast in the L.A. area, simply the best place in Palmdale and is on the way just as you get to the top of the hill – exit at Pearblossom. This place has very good bacon, the best bacon breakfast burritos in the LA Area (trust me, I have had them all), one of the best Chicken Fried Steak and eggs around, Burgers, and tacos.

            The Pines Cafe
            4343 Pearblossom Hwy (small shack, maybe 5 to 7 min. drive from the fry, on the left side as you drive from the fry – blink and you might miss it)
            Palmdale, CA
            (661) 285-0455

            The Pines Cafe will hold you over all the way to the Mountain. But in Bishop there is one place that you must stop at to get some stuff to take home. In fact, I stop there on the way north, to get jerky, and the return trip south, to get more jerky and…. So bring an ice chest to keep this stuff cold. Get some pork chops, bacon and a bag or two of bacon tips for your home made pea soup -- OMG! Even if you don’t make pea soup or navy bean you can fry-up this stuff and add it to your can soup. The jerky menu is excellent. Read about the different kinds of jerky on line below. This place is on the right side of the road as you head north from Bishop – across from a gas station.

            Smoked Meats
            2345 N. Sierra Hwy
            Bishop, CA 93514

            Once you get to the Mountain

            Mountainside Grill (second level of Mammoth Mountain Inn, try the flat-iron steak with some mac & cheese)
            1 Minaret Road
            Mammoth Lakes, CA
            (760) 934-0601

            Burgers Restaurant (Get the open face chili-size. The chili and the burger are both excellent and the presentation shows their love for burgers)
            6118 Minaret Road
            Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546
            Ed and Kathy Hurley (760) 934-6622

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              Check out my reviews from last month:

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              1. re: OCAnn

                Mr. OCAnn knows how to run his plate -- a chili size and beer. I think the request to split might have cause it to appear as a burger but what i had was a true chili size. The bun was open face with the 1/2 pound burger on top, then lots of chili topped with two kinds of cheese and some purple onion. A large meal made for cold weather. Now between you and the OP here I am really thinking I need to go north real soon.

              2. re: JeetJet

                Sorry to say but someone recently posted that The Pines Cafe is no more! The Hispanic lady that bought it had been offering The Pines menu on the weekends but apparently even this has stopped. Grrrrrrr!!!! It is now The Habanero Grill, Mexican food only.