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Jan 15, 2009 10:45 AM

Tell me about Salumi (Seattle)

I definitely want to give Salumi a try while in Seattle ... but I am confused. The long lines I hear about, is that just for takeout? What about indoor seating? (Is there a line for that too?) Is it the same menu for takeout as it is for eat in? Anything in particular I should try?

I know these seem like really silly questions ... but if you are not familiar with a place, how are you supposed to know? :-)


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  1. It's a small place, probably only 10 people can sit down at a time. It's only open for lunch, and only Tues-Fri. It's best to get there right after it opens (11am) so you can miss the longest lines. The menu is the same for takeout as eat-in. People swear by the porchetta sandwich, which is divine. The oxtail is my favorite, but it's not always on the specials menu. I would definitely recommend picking up a log of Finocchiona to take home with you (or another one of their hard salamis, they're all excellent).

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      several of the hard salamis are available at Met Market now, so save yourself the trouble while you are at the restaurant. The fennel (finochhiona) is my favorite now that the orgegano is off the menu, but i get my fix at the grocery store. i order hot food or specialty items after i have waited in that long line.

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        Do I have to wait in line to order, or is there table service? ... Sorry, still a little confused ;-)

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          There is no table service. If you get to Salumi right at 11:30 you should be able to order and have a seat at the table. The pork cheek sandwich is a must if offered that day. You can also get the oxtail sauce to go for use with pasta later at home. Salumi is a great Chowhound destination.

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            FYI.... last I checked, Salumi opens at 11am, and you're already facing a long line at 11:30. People start milling around outside the door five minutes before the restaurant opens.

            I work in Pioneer Square, but haven't been there in months, so maybe they have changed their hours?

            You can also try going after lunchtime, at around 2 or 3pm, but at that point they may have run out of the porchetta.

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            To clarify a bit, when the above poster says 'the table', he means 'The ONLY table'.
            It's a large communal table that anyone can use - but good luck getting a seat.
            You should really go there assuming that you'll be getting your food to go.

            Also, yes, the lines can be long but I always thought they managed to keep it moving pretty well (considering).

            Don't let the above turn you off, Salumi is worth it.

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              You order at the counter, are given your food, and then you try to grab a seat at the table in the back. I've only been to Salumi a handful of times, but I've never NOT been able to get a seat (no waiting either!). I'm either just lucky, or I think it's a lot of people assume there is no space and then take their lunch to go.

              I also recommend getting their sample salumi and cheese plate. Lets you try different meats, and with a side of veggies, is a good meal!

        2. Salumi is wonderful! But, yes, the lines are long, and, as Brunhilde notes, it is tiny, serves only lunch, and at that serves only four days a week. Most people order and eat their lunch at a small park nearby. If you would like to try some of their lovely meats, they are available at DeLaurenti's in the Pike Place Market, as well as various other locations.

          1. Just show up there when they open at 11 am and it'll be fine. Once your inside you can figure out if you are going to be able to wrangle a seat at the table in the back or if you should get lunch to go. I almost always get a seat by showing up when they open.

            1. I am looking forward to going there as well and have another question, do they only sell sandwiches or can one purchase cold cuts like in a deli?

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                you can order a sandwich, order cured meat (meats online too) there is often soup, maybe a pasta special .... i go after the lunch rush and usually have no problem sitting down

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                  Just a note. If the place is in the middle of it's lunch slam, they typically won't take the time to take sliced meat orders. However, if you know what time you'll be there and what you want already, you can call before 11am and have them put a bag together to be ready for you when you get there.

                  1. re: JohnnyT

                    You can get meats sliced. It helps everybody if you can call your order in a day or two in advance. I've seen people who have done this just go right to the register and pick up their order. In the rush, there is no time for slicing.