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Jan 15, 2009 10:34 AM

Business dinner, Davis/Cambridge, 40 pp all inclusive (perhaps Barada?)

The accountants are clamping down on us at the flugelbindery (probably rightly so). I've got to arrange a business dinner in the Davis Square area (but Harvard or Central could be ok) with a max of $40 pp all inclusive (drinks, tax, tip) and we need to be able to afford a bottle of wine too. So if I'm doing the math right that works out to an almost-impossible $20 pp on the food.

(For comparison, based on board recs I took our last group to Scampo, which was very good but came out at $60 pp all inclusive. The accountant put me in solitary for a day.)

Finally, the place has to have a reasonable decor and be not too loud (so we can talk).

Is this mission impossible?

Ethnic eateries seemed to be a natural option, so I thought of Barada (Lebanese food having saved me from many a similar situation last year in London). Do you think it checks out by the above? The place needs to be sufficiently attractive so that clients don't think we are skimping, which I suppose we are (being forced to).

Any other thoughts? Ideally we would be in Davis, or say a 15/20 min drive from Davis (putting Harvard, Central, etc.) in range. (The time before we were at Green Street Grill, which almost fit the budget, since no one had dessert, but I'm hoping not to repeat that....)

Finally, for our next dinner I've booked Gran Gusto, again based on board recs -- might it fit the above?

Thanks for your ideas and suggestions!


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  1. Elephant Walk, Porter Sq?

    Elephant Walk
    2067 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02140

    1. I think you could make Diva work but I don't know how many people you are talking about. I've always felt the decor there took it up a notch from most Indian places. Although on this board people seem to praise the food at Namaskar more highly, I've always been happy with meals there and I think for what you're looking for it might work better. If you have people inclined to share, their royal veggie dinner for 2 at $30 (last I checked- may be slightly more) includes samosas, naan, a dal soup course, 2 entrees and 2 desserts plus coffee or tea which is a great deal.

      1. Somewhere in the back of my mind I think I heard that Barada didn't serve alcohol. Maybe that info is outdated? But, they don't list any on their web site.

        You have a tall order there. The thing that makes it especially tough is "The place needs to be sufficiently attractive so that clients don't think we are skimping". I keep thinking of Frank's Steak House, but I don't know if it would pass that test. It's certainly light years away from a high-end steak house. The food is OK, but nothing special at all. But, it can be kind of a fun retro experience.

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          How about Chang Sho on Mass. Ave? I haven't been in a while, but the food was always pretty good there and the decor a notch above they typical Chinese restaurant. Free parking in their lot across the street is a bonus.

        2. Check out this current thread on the new Zoe's location:

          BYO might work well for your liquor budget.

          1. Many thanks for the suggestions folks -- BB