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Jan 15, 2009 10:22 AM

Help! Need a little Asian-flavored chicken salad for tonight.

My husband left go to Costco - an hour away - and I stayed home. I was planning on a litle app of tuna tartare and went ahead and fixed a diced avocado with lemon, soy sauce and sesame oil. I serve them together with crackers and it's really good. But he just called and Costco was out of tuna. He's going to check TJs. But if it's not available, I'd like to do something with chicken to go with the avocado. I have some leftover roast chicken (thanks Mister MMRuth!) and was thinking I could use the same condiments for that but seems like it needs at least a tiny amount of mayo-equivalent for "stickiness." But I also do a little chicken salad that's lemon juice, salt, pepper and just enough mayo to hold it together. Any suggestions would be very appreciated. I SO envy those of you who live close to all things food. Sigh.

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  1. I think a bit of mayo would be ok in the chicken salad with the avocado mixture. Or- you could do what I do- dump the avocado mixture over a bit of hot sticky rice (i use brown) and eat it for lunch. The mix of hot and cold and bland and salty is really yummy.

    1. My mother's chicken salad had shaved ginger, thai chiles, garlic, dark (or mushroom) soy sauce, sesame oil, and vinagre. Served mixed with crunchy noodles (cellophane noodles dropped into hot oil until they puff). Fresh basil leaves too. The chicken was shredded & gently mixed into the salad at the same time as the sauce. It didn't keep, but usually there was no worry of anything being left over. Serve with additional sauce on the side to dip the chicken into (or vinagre+fish sauce+diced chiles with salt and a squeeze of lemon).

      For health reasons, it would probably work on a base of spinach instead of the fried noodles.

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        That sounds really good. Even better, I have ginger, jalapenos for the thai and all the rest. Thanks, Caralien, and hey I missed saying congrats (soon to be) on the birth. Hurray for y'all.

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          It's actually for another SIL, otherwise I'm sure that the drink police would have words with me!

          I actually prefer the non-mayo chicken salads, unless my husband makes them.

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            HaHa. At least I wasn't looking at you and congratulating you on the pending birth of your child!!!!

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              When the time comes, mine will definitely be co-ed (as was our bachelor party)

      2. i think you're on the right track and wouldn't add any mayo. keep it light, you could mash up the avocado a bit if you feel the need to bind it more. add some slivered carrot, cucumber, red pepper and bean sprouts and you're good to go.

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          Well, the avocado was going to be separate from the chicken but you're right; mix them together (a little mashing) and that would give me enough to pile on a cracker. Thanks.