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Jan 15, 2009 10:14 AM

MSP Co-Ops take over the world: shock and awe at the new Seward Co-Op

wow. the co-op scene in msp has a new belle of the ball. i have a huge crush on the new seward co-op

dh and i were blown away by the the spacious aisles, produce (local hydroponic red leaf lettuce in jan! eff-yeah!). everything from gluten-free pies in the frozen section to the gorgeous mound of fresh ground eichten's bison in the meat cooler. the deli offered hot baked quiches, moles and vegan mexican/ecuadorian offerings-- but they need to turn down their steam tables a little, everything was getting over-brown and dry. a brief perusal of the expanded offerings yielded commercial-sized frozen bags of veggies, organic instant ramen, a plethora of local keeper veggies, including some gorgeous & sweet harmony valley turnips. staff was excited, smiling and helpful. a handwashing station at the front of the produce section for customers to use before touching the produce! take that WFM! the cheese section is small but packed with goodies, & significantly cheaper on 2 items we purchased than either the wedge or lunds/byerly's. check it out for the local food products, check it out for your natural bulk items, check it out for the LEED approved features of the building, but check it out soon and post your love letters here!

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  1. Thanks for the update. I've driven by a couple of times but haven't had a chance to stop in. It is sure a pretty building and it seems bigger than the old store, at least from the outside!

    I love the idea of a handwashing station.

    It sounds like I really need to stop in.


    1. i stopped by for the first time this week as well. maybe it was my inflated expecations or the fact that i spent half my time there on my cell phone ( i HATE being that guy but it was an emergency). I will say i liked the spacious layout a lot, and perhaps if i spent some time becoming more familiar with where everything is id like it a lot more.

      no comment on the cheese section as im in a dairy-free phase but the produce was lovely and most of it seemed reasonably well priced - i couldnt bring myself to spend a dollar a pound for conventional bananas, but we all have to draw lines sometimes.

      i stopped in after work, probably right around five and it was BUSY. I think there were a lot of people there, myself included, who were more into checking things out and looking around. Once that dies down and regular shoppers get a feel for where everything is i think it will be more pleasant to shop there and feel less like someone released a busload of zombies walking around gaping like they had never seen food before (ok it wasnt that bad but there was a general daze/awe in a lot of people i saw dithering about).

      1. I finally got to the new Seward co-op. I was impressed. Huge store, wide aisles, lots more convenience and prepared food. It almost makes the Wedge look small and shabby.

        I like the larger cheese selection and bigger deli. And I LOVE the new meat-and-fish counter. I could do without the expanded selection of convenience foods and yuppie treats (do I *really* need frozen oatmeal in a microwavable bowl?), but I'm sure I'll succumb to the deli on a busy evening.

        Best of all: THEY CARRY CALISTER FARM CHICKEN !!!!!! Yippee! I used to buy it from Farm in the Market at Midtown Global Market, and have been in a major droop since FitM closed. (I know this marvelous chicken is available at Golden Fig and the St. Paul Farmer's Market, but I never seem to get all the way over there.) Now I can get it at Seward, any time I want!

        Another plus - the meat-and-fish counter has smoked whitefish from Northern Waters Smokehaus in Duluth. (I love Northern Waters.) If only they'd carry NW's bison pastrami, my life would be complete.


        Seward Co-op Grocery and Deli
        2823 E Franklin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55404

        1. stopped by today, pretty nice place. I like the big, on-demand peanut butter machine.

          Calister chickens have also been available at Local D'Lish.

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            On demand PB in MSP?!?!?! AT LAST!!!

            1. re: MariaJ.

              They have it at the Wedge all the time, if that's closer to you.

              1. re: cheeseguysgirl

                the wedge has bulk peanut butter, not peanut butter made on-demand.

                1. re: getgot211

                  Thanks for the correction-- I wasn't reading the question clearly.