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High end sushi

Every year I pick one high end restaurant for dinner to celebrate my birthday. This year I want to go with sushi. I'm looking for someplace with real fresh fish, maybe some unique specialty rolls, possibly a good choice for omakase, and also some options for my non sushi eating dad. I'm open to location anywhere from Santa Monica to Hollywood (don't really want to go to the valley or south bay). Any recs would be great!

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  1. As far as a good omakase, one of the best i've had is at Sasabune in west la. They offer a japanese, and an american style omakase. Not sure if they will have anything for your dad. You can always go to a place like Koi, but it is uber trendy and overpriced. Hide offers an omakase, and will have something for your dad...however, while the sushi is good it's not the best in town. You can check out some good options on lasushiblog dot com

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      if you go to hide, be aware that the tables are cramped and that they take CASH ONLY.

    2. I think the Hump at the Santa Monica Airport -- right on the runway -- might be the perfect place! Anyone would love the location and I'm sure they will accommodate your dad's tastes with some very nicely presented non-sushi items.

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        depending on what's ordered at Hump, you could end up spending hundreds of dollars//pp. you really have to stay aware of what you are ordering and how much you are ordering.
        have heard several times about unexpectedly, outrageously, high tabs at the end of the meal.

      2. i believe that k-zo in culver city will meet all your requirements nicely.

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        1. When I hear rolls and someone in the party who's a nonsushi eater, I think Hamasaku (either the Santa Monica Blvd location or the one on Melrose)...

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          1. Both Mori and Kiriko would be great choices to fit those needs. Mori is more expensive but I think it is also better.

            11301 W Olympic Blvd Ste 102, Los Angeles, CA 90064

            Mori Sushi
            11500 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064

            1. If price is no object and you can get a reservation, by all means try Urasawa...

              Here's a great review w/ pics...


              Be warned: they only serve omakase.

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                Yep. My thought is that Urasawa's easily the best sushi in the city, and arguably the country.

                However, unfortunately there aren't really many options at Urasawa for your "non sushi eating dad."

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                  oh wow..it's you, kevin of kevineats...i love your website.

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                  When someone asks for "specialty rolls" and states their dad is coming who doesn't eat sushi, you recommend a $400+ per person meal at Urasawa????
                  So if I ask for fish and chips with a good tartar sauce and my dad doesn't like fancy restaurants, your would recommend Providence?

                  Try this, new from the owners of Manpuku with two well regarded sushi chefs and more to eat from the kitchen: www.hachi.us

                  Hachi Sushi & Robata
                  12009 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025

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                    fwiw, to me, urasawa is a very poor choice for this situation.
                    urasawa, which can easily cost more than $400/per person, should be reserved for people who understand and appreciate the cuisine.. . .
                    taking somone to a $400 meal who doesn't really care for that type of food, to me, would make for an uncomfortable situation.
                    just my opinion

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                        you are so right cls and westside gal...i completely overlooked that statement...my bad.