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Jan 15, 2009 09:03 AM

Recipe Idea... Is it good?

I have a recipe for a wine jam that is usually served with crackers and cream cheese.

However, I want to do a little play on it and use the wine jam in a cupcake... I was thinking about making some kind of cupcake, then filling it with a little jam, and topping it off with a cream cheese frosting.

How does that sound? Also, what kind of cupcake would you suggest? Vanilla, Angel Food cake, etc?

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  1. Vanilla sounds delish. Or maybe peanut butter, if you wanted to go the less-sophisticated route.

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    1. re: Emmmily

      Is it a red wine jam or white wine jam? Since chocolate and red wine goes weel together that that might be nice...Depending on the wine jam

      Or red devil with the cream cheese frosting.

      I usually don't so sweets, but this is sounding so yummy

    2. Emily - I thought about peanut butter too... but got kinda stuck on the cream cheese frosting thing..maybe I'll do that.

      Bermuda - I was either going to do a white merlot or cabernet? What would you suggest with the white wine? I like the idea of chocolate with the red!

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      1. re: sunkissedbabe43

        i definitely like the red wine with chocolate.

        i have some thoughts about the white, but are you using any fruit in the jam, or just wine & pectin? (in which case it's actually jelly, not jam...) anyway, without knowing, i'd suggest lemon or almond for the cupcake.

        1. re: goodhealthgourmet

          Thereis no fruit... just sugar and lemon juice and pectin...I like the almond idea!

          If I did red wine and chocolate, should I still do a cream cheese frosting?

          1. re: sunkissedbabe43

            a few ideas for topping the red wine/chocolate ones - i've seen them done several ways:
            - cream cheese frosting (or sub Mascarpone for the CC)
            - chocolate ganache
            - cherry-Cabernet or blackberry-Cabernet frosting (standard butter/milk/powdered sugar base flavored with wine & pureed fruit)

            and the reason i asked about the fruit in the jam - i was thinking that a white wine jam with apricots would be perfect with almond cupcakes (i make delicious apricot-filled almond muffins)...or if it had pineapple in it - carrot cake with cream cheese frosting would be perfect.

            oy, it's time to get started on dinner, and i suddenly have the urge to bake!

      2. Oh, that does sound good. How about peanut butter? Red velvet?

        1. Assuming you are piping in the jam after baking? I worry that cream cheese frosting might overwhelm the subtlety of the wine jam. Maybe a lighter fluffy frosting incorporating the jam as well.

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          1. re: torty

            You can make a lighter version of cream cheese frosting by whisking together marshmallow fluff and softened (or whipped) cream cheese, plus vanilla. I'd use about a generous cup of fluff to 4 oz of cream cheese - the more fluff, the lighter the frosting. Adding a dollop of softened butter is an enriching option.

          2. I like the suggestions so far using chocolate - very good with red wine, of course.

            But how about something savory? Could you do a rosemary or other herb infused cupcake with your red-wine jelly filling, then top it with a goat cheese (maybe mixed with cream cheese?) topping?

            Just brainstorming......
            good luck,