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Jan 15, 2009 08:54 AM

Restaurants between Sunrise Blvd. and Las Olas in Ft. Laud

Hi folks. Coming to Ft. Lauderdale this weekend from snowy Ohio. No car, staying beachside between E. Sunrise Blvd and La Olas. Looking for lunch and dinner options. All sugguesetions appreciated. Anything not touristy in that area?


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  1. Coconuts is fantastic - on the intercostal side, just south of Las Olas.

    Casablanca Cafe is good for lunch - I believe it is north of Sunrise. Oceanfront.

    1. don't limit yourself on the weekend. take the sun trolley from the beach to all the restaurants on las olas boulevard for several food choices.

      1. Bierbrunnen located down the pedestrian alley on the South side of Bubba Gump's

        1. ON A1A for dinner try these two. Both mediterranean style
          Casablanca Cafe -
          Trina -

          Jump on the water taxi and hit more places and easy too:

          lots of great restaurants on las olas like Chimas, Johnny Vs, and Las Olas Cafe. Shooters at the north end of the taxi is a classic for sunday brunch and good place to sit out and have some drinks. 15th street fisheries is one stop with good seafood.

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            Cero @ the Ritz Carlton Fort Lauderdale Beach

          2. Casablanca on Alhambra at the beach is a very great place and you will be close to the restaurant.

            Casablanca Cafe
            3049 Alhambra St, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304