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Jan 15, 2009 08:46 AM

Boston Hounds Visiting -- Need Two Suggestions

Hi San Francisco,

Three of us will be visiting next weekend for a wedding, and we need (at least) two suggestions for dinner.

1) A really good, authentic Chinese restaurant, preferrably not Cantonese style. I'd be happy with a hole-in-the-wall, but would also be happy to pay whatever it takes to see if a really extraordinary, but authentic, Chinese meal is available here. To that end, we are leaning towards Jai Yun, but are eager to hear other suggestions, especially if we get the chance for a second Chinese meal this trip.

2) A super-terrific restaurant, price-no-object, but we do need a reservation for next week, probably on Sunday, and it needs to be in San Francisco or in Palo Alto. I have half a mind to try Kaygetsu in Menlo Park, but I guess what I really miss is Square One, and was wondering if there are any suggestions for something like that --- California-style! Quince perhaps?

Thank you all!

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  1. Chinese: Koi Palace, Canto but perhaps the best dim sum place in California.

    Super-terrific: Manresa, in Los Gatos. Alt/2nd: Chez TJ in Mountain View.

    Manresa Restaurant
    320 Village Lane, Los Gatos, CA 95030

    Koi Palace Restaurant
    365 Gellert Blvd, Daly City, CA 94015

    Chez TJ
    938 Villa Street, Mountain View, CA 94041

    1. Will you be in a car? If so, that can broaden the Chinese options.

      I second the rec for Koi Palace.......also might add Sunny Shanghai in San Bruno or Shanghai Dumpling King in SF or China Village in Albany (if you feel like going to East Bay)

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        Koi Palace is Cantonese, and is nowhere what it used to be. The food is tasty, but it's a noisy and dirty place and the service is brusque at best.

        Manresa is probably the best meal mentioned and is not that far from Palo Alto--30 mins or so

        Right on with Quince, but your best bet would be Cyrus in Healdsbrg

        Chez TJ--although I don't really know it--I'd be willing to be by the name and it being in MV, it isn't authentic.

        Shanghai Dumpling King has an amazing dumpling--the #4.

        By mentioning Jai Yun, you are probably on a better track than what these guys are telling you--that's probably wher you should go. You want to eat Chinese in SF, not in the suburbs 40 miles away. R&G Lounge in Chi-Town is good, but cantonese (very good authentic Cantonese). Lastly, Ton Kiang on Geary is pretty good--it is a dim sum joint mainly, but their Hakka style cuisine for dinner and what not is a good eclectic mix.

        1. re: hankstramm

          Chez TJ has a funny name but it's been in business for quite awhile and it has received 2 Michelin stars...which isn't a guarantee of anything but indicates it's real.

          1. re: ML8000

            I thought it was like PJ Changs or something like that. I'm sure it's good--I don't eat south of SF--don't do the Peninsula, so I wouldn't know--although those minivans make me nervous...

        2. re: Dave MP

          Yes, we'll be renting a car. The wedding is in Palo Alto,but we're flying in and out of SFO, and plan to be in San Francisco on Friday and probably Sunday evening. So I'm happy to drive, although due to time constraints, we can't drive too far away from either Palo Alto, SFO, or anywhere in between. =) Thanks for all the suggestions so far!