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Jan 15, 2009 08:34 AM

Ddok Bo Ssam - Does anyone know where to buy?

Helping a friend with a surprise Korean BBQ party and helping her try to find Ddok Bo Ssam, the rice papers they have at Korean BBQ places. I went to a couple of Korean markets and they did not know, maybe I'm not pronoucing it correctly (?). Does anyone know a brand name and how to prepare? Thanks!

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  1. These are nothing more than the fresh rice noodle sheets (~8x8) cut into 1/4's. You can get fresh noodle sheets at any Asian market. Just saw a giant box of them at the Silom market in Hollywood. They're also at 99 Ranch & now at most Korean markets.

    Just be sure to use them the same day and keep them at cool room temp, not in the fridge because they will harden slightly. At the end of the day, you should refrigerate, but they will no longer be soft enough for dduk bo ssam. But you can still cut them into noodles and use them in a stir fry.

    1. There is a dduk bakery on Beach Blvd. in Buena Park, just north of the 5 freeway.

      1. Thanks for the assistance, I will pass this along to my friend.

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          we usually buy them at butcher shops in koreatown. they come pre-cut like the way they serve it at restaurants. the shop we go to is located on 9th street (now known as James wood st/ave) and western ave, on the northwestern side. good luck!

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            this ddok bo sam( rice wrap) is a LA thing...some restaurant(shik do rak?) came up with a idea in the early 90's..Its popular down here, but in Korea..not so much..

            Traditional KBBQ is accompanied by lettuce and sesame leaves for wraps..

            but whatever floats your boat..

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              Didn't have a chance to thank you, my friend found them there and her Korean-style BBQ party turned out very nice. It was close enough and the guests really enjoyed it.