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Jan 15, 2009 08:30 AM

Wholesale Apples (Candy and Regular)

I am getting married shortly and am looking to purchase 120 Candy Apples within the GTA at an affordable price. Any suggesions? My wedding colours are granny smith apple green and chocolate brown, so I figured that would be a fun thing to give my guests.

I am also looking for plain granny smith apples to use to fill vases and stack as pyramids? Anyone have suggestions on where I can source a few cases as a reasonable price? I asked my local Loblaws and they gave me a weird look.

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  1. Make them! It would be fun and it is super easy - get 2 or 3 friends to help and it wouldn't take that long either. MUCH more cost effective too!

    As far as wholesale - my suggestion would head down to the food terminal, if you ask around and have some decent people skills, people will sell you what you need.

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      Just remember about the food terminal--you need a vendor's card to get in (usually restaurant or store owners apply to get a card and then use that) and you have to go really early (6-7) in the morning.

    2. Call Milton at Chocolicks Fun Factory. He'll make up candy apples for you -- he did for a party in December, and they were really good. Phone number: (416) 485-2047

      1. Just a suggestion, there is a person at the St. Lawrence Market north market on Saturdays that does and AMAZING chocolate caramel apple. I know they usually go for $5 regularly...

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          thanks for the recommendations! I will check these out.