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Jan 15, 2009 08:24 AM

Great lunch or brunch in midtown, West Side?

A friend who I rarely get to see has a couple of hours in town this Sunday afternoon. We have to meet somewhere in the general vicinity of 43rd and 6th -- say, the stretch of midtown between Grand Central and Port Authority. Any ideas for a cozy place with great food in that area? Thanks, I always trust the advice on this board!

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  1. if you can walk a few blocks or jump in a cab try la bonne soupe on 55th & 6th

    1. Kallari Taverna, at 19 West 44th (between 5-6 Aves.) is a lovely, intimate spot to catch up with a friend: plenty of space between tables, friendly, comfortable and low noise level. I love the food and while I've never been for lunch or brunch, they have a new prix fixe brunch, as well as a la carte. Personally, I am not a fan of la Bonne Soupe, though I know others disagree and would not go one iota out of my way to eat there.

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        I like the idea of La Bonne Soupe -- and I even like the food before Carnegie Hall. But the owner was rude to me two days ago (I was early and I wanted to sit down at lunch and have a drink before my friend arrived. He resisted in a nasty tone, but he did seat me and he did agree that if I were alone he would seat me--there were other singles--but it was an unpleasant interaction. Certainly I didn't feel welcomed and what's a bistro for if not to be welcoming. It is not on my list anymore.