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Jan 15, 2009 08:01 AM

private restaurant space for wedding?

Hello -
My fiance and I are planning on getting married with just our immediate families present and then hope to have a gathering with our family and close friends soon after. We're hoping to find a restaurant in the Cambridge/Somerville/Arlington/maaybe Boston/etc area that will allow us to have a private gathering with about 100 people. Having a private space is important to us, as we hope to have a sort of re-affirmation of our vows/ceremony of sorts as well as a full dinner. We love food so somewhere that has delicious eats is important to us! We're hoping to find somewhere we could get a full dinner for about $30-60 (we'll look into a bit above that...) per person. We live in Somerville and would optimally like to stay close by--hence the Cambridge etc area. Somewhere that is decently easy to get to and has at least some parking would be ideal. So far, we're considering Elephant Walk just because we like their food... Other ideas would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you!!

edit: The $30-$60 range listed above wouldn't include drinks or tips. :)

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  1. Not sure where to turn for this one, as I've only done smaller groups. You might get an appropriate sized restaurant to close for the night to accomodate your party if it isn't a Friday or Saturday night. My guess is you should plan on spending a lot more once you figure in wine and tip--probably in the $80-100 range. Also, plan on a limited menu with a choice of two or three appetizers, entrees and desserts. You definitely won't have the full menu to work with.

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      I just edited the above to say so, but we weren't factoring in the tips and drinks with the range I listed above. Around $80 would be better. We're definitely fine with (even expecting/hoping for) a limited menu, and would love a place that we could "take over." The problem is we will probably have to work with a Saturday night, which I know can be way more difficult in terms of this! Thanks for your response :)

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        A friend got married at Banq restaurant in the South End - both ceremony & reception. It was beautiful and the interior is very unique. i'm not sure what the cost was.

      2. My husband and I had our rehearsal dinner in the private dining room at Elephant Walk and it was outstanding. I can't recommend it highly enough. They were helpful with choosing the menu, finding items to fit our budget, and the service was top notch. Our friends loved the Cambodian side of the menu and our parents loved the more traditional French options.

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          Thanks for the reply! I'm glad to hear such a positive response about Elephant Walk. I'm guessing you held it at the one in Cambridge? Obviously that's the one we're looking into as well... I've already contacted them and am waiting to hear back. If you don't mind answering a few questions about your experience there, I would greatly appreciate! I'll write them here but if you are willing to answer but would rather do so privately please let me know.

          How many people did you have? How much did you end up spending (approximately) per person? Did you include wine (or any other drinks)? Did the space you use seem to have room for walking around? We'd definitely like to encourage mingling!

          Thanks again!

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            I'm sorry for the delayed reply, but I just saw this! Yes, our rehearsal dinner was at the Cambridge location. We had about 40 people and the room wasn't even close to full. (This was in the private dining room in the back of the downstairs area. For 100 people I'm guessing they'd give you the entire downstairs.) I can't recall the exact figures but I think we spent somewhere around $50-60/person with tip, which included passed hors d'ouevres, seated dinner, and drinks. (Can't recall if we did beer and wine only or if we allowed cocktails as well, but either way there was no limit and the drinks were served as opposed to a walk-up bar.) We had tons of room, even had our wedding rehearsal right there in the space. Hope this helps!

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              P.S. One more thing: We had our rehearsal dinner from 5-8 on a Friday night. Since we were done by 8:00, there was no minimum charge since it was during off-peak hours, and I think we got better service given the time slot as well.

          2. I went to the most wonderful wedding at upstairs at on the square, they had the ceremony there as well. I have no idea how much they spent as i was just a guest, but it was a wonderful time.

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              That sounds great. Did they take over the whole place, or just one part?

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                the vows were done in the dining room then we went down stairs for drinks at the bar then back up for dinner then back down for drinks and dancing, great wedding

            2. You might consider Longwood Events - [url=]here[/url]. They have a venue atop 60 State downtown, right on the T, and the beautiful Veronique in Longwood Towers at the Longwood stop on the Green Line. I've had two events of this size there and they do a very good job. If you check their website, I noticed they're having a marketing thing on the 25th downtown. We went to one of those at Veronique - after we'd already booked our event - and it was a lot of fun, with dozens of couples figuring out what they wanted for their wedding.

              1. Locke-Ober. So elegant and intimate, it feels like a home rather than a public space. You can get the whole upstairs (well, the tiny private dining rooms *could* still be accessed from the other set of stairs). When you get to the top of the main staircase there's a lounge area with a bar. Off that room to the right is a large room where tables are set up for dining. Off the lounge to the left is another large room where the band and dance floor can be set up. And of course, the food is utterly delicious. I have no idea of the prices, but I'd imagine not cheap.

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                  I believe that Barbara Lynch (from No 9 Park, Butcher Shop, etc) has a private dining room at the Congress Street location where Drink and Sportello is. Not sure if its open yet, but it might be worth calling No 9 to find out.