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Jan 15, 2009 07:58 AM

Cho Cho San in Montgomeryville

I went to Cho Cho San for the first time in awhile with my boss the other day, and it was great as usual, but has anyone ever gone to the Sunday all you can eat deal? How does it work? Do they have certain rolls that you can choose from, or is it whichever ones you want to order? I wanted to get an opinion from someone who has been to it, before I invite some friends, since it's kind of a long drive for them.

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  1. I forgot that place existed. John took me there quite awhile ago. What did your party order?

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    1. re: givemecarbs

      I tried the Sunshine roll, it was a tempura shrimp roll with spicy tuna sitting on top of it. It was really different, espcially with the warm shrimp going with the rest of the cold ingredients, I would get that one again. My boss got the sashimi lunch special, which is a little plain for me, but that's his favorite. We both got the miso soup, and he got the house salad, which has a ginger dressing on it.

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        Yum. I'll have to hit that place soon again. I'm worried about the good little joints folding in this economy, they are kind of tucked away in that little strip shopping center.

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          i love a roll that has warm and cold elements in it! our favorite place has a HUGE volcano roll filled with salmon and avocado - the whole thing is rolled in tempura and fried, then spicy tuna is put on each slice. my best friend and I always split it. the avo gets very creamy and the combination of warm/cold, creamy, spicy, crunchy is great.

          In response to the original post - I've never been for their all you can eat. ChoCho is a little out of the way for us for dinner, but I will have to keep it in mind. I worry also about the smaller restos, gotta support the local economy, right?!?

          1. re: jujuthomas

            That sounds awesome, where do you get it? I agree about supporting the local places, it's bad enough up here in central Bucks/Montco as it is, I would hate to have to choose between Friday's or Applebees every time we went out. Luckily, Cho Cho was the busiest I've ever seen. Every other time, we were either the only ones there or there was maybe one other table. This time, about 3/4 of the tables were filled, and this was lunch on Wednesday. Crabby Larry's is another favorite of mine around here that always seems kind of empty, but I hope they are doing ok.

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              Tell us about Crabby Larry/s gid131, please. I've never been.

              1. re: givemecarbs

                It's a small family owned seafood place on 202 in Chalfont. Their website has their menu and address: They have a great selection of your standard seafood dishes, but all done well. Some highlights are the drunken mussels, the crab cakes and the stuffed flounder. The real plus is that the owner has been brewing his own beer there for a few years, and he always has a solid selection of seasonal brews. You don't hear much about it compared to the big brewpubs, but his stuff would compare favorably to anything you would get at Iron Hill.

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                  Thanks gjd! I always walk right past that place to the skyline lounge but I'll try it now that you have recommended it.

                  1. re: gjd131

                    I didn't notice this thing that adds the link to the resturant automatically...

                    Crabby Larry's Brewpub Steak & Crab House
                    237 W Butler Ave, Chalfont, PA 18914

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                  That volcano roll is at East Cuisine in Ambler, on Butler pike. It's called the Bob's Lover (volcano) roll. I also really like their philadelphia eagles roll, which is a spicy tuna roll wrapped with avocado, topped with tobiko and drizzled with eel sauce. OMG. might have to go tonight! haha.
                  when I picked up our carry out I asked Ray the owner how business is lately , he said a little down but can't complain.

                  East Cuisine
                  851 W Butler Pike, Ambler, PA 19002

                  1. re: jujuthomas

                    Doh That place is good and convenient. I'll have to hit there this week. How is the Italian place in the same shopping center juju?

                    1. re: givemecarbs

                      that Italian place is called Michaels. It has never thrilled me - I believe I got gnocchi once from there that were inedible. I did order from them a lot when I was homebound with a broken ankle and needed delivery - not many restos deliver in this area. They were very nice about giving me time to get to the door! :) They always seem busy - maybe it's the pizza - which I have never had.

            1. re: Den

              their address is 981 N Wales Road Montgomeryville, PA 18936 (215) 855-1681.

              Cho Cho San Sushi Bar
              981 N Wales Rd # 3, North Wales, PA

            2. I love Cho Cho San...there Tuna sandwich is awesome! I don't mean a real tuna sandwich. It's Tuna Tar Tar, I think, cut into sandwuch sized shapes, awesome!!!!! My fav, bar none.

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              1. re: DobieGillis©

                That sound divine! I can't resist a good tuna tartare!

                1. re: crazyspice

                  and I can't spell Tartare! They also have a version in Salmon and fatty white tuna...

                  1. re: DobieGillis©

                    No harm, no foul. I was just thrilled to hear about it!

              2. You guessed correctly. There is a special menu for the all you can eat deal. The selection is quite good, though, and I have always been pleased. I did take one friend there, however, who insisted they used too much rice on all you can eat night.

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                  1. re: DobieGillis©

                    Yes, there are several rolls on the special menu. I don't recall which ones. More of the basic rolls, not much in the way of the fancy stuff.

                    1. re: sindeegirl

                      sashimi I assume? Tuna, Salmon etc.? I could eat that all day...

                      1. re: DobieGillis©

                        Thanks for letting us know, I'll have to get over there one of these Sundays and give it a try. I'll try to write down the special menu and post it here if I go.