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Jan 15, 2009 07:39 AM

Need romantic Italian in Vegas (close to Caesar's)

Taking my husband on a surprise 40th birthday trip to Las Vegas Feb 17-19. Asked him what kind of food he wanted on his birthday, and his reply was, "Italian, of course!"

He thinks that means one our favorite Italian restaurants (Tutti Santi in Mesa, AZ, or La Stalla in Chandler, AZ).

I've searched and read Chowhound posts for weeks to get ideas for this dinner. At least it's been narrowed down to Italian, but I'm still undecided.


1) Close proximity to Caesar's Palace I know there are probably more and/or better Italian options farther away, but I'd like to stay near Caesar's, or at least on the strip.
2) Price for two with cocktails & tip < $300.
3) Good Italian food.
4) Quiet, romantic atmosphere. Really don't want a loud, crowded dining room.

Any recommendations that meet any or most of these criteria would be greatly appreciated! Even telling me that there's nothing that will meet all my criteria would be helpful.

Currently under consideration:

- B&B Ristorante (Venetian)
- Fiamma Trattoria (MGM)
- The Grill at Valentino (Venetian)
- Enoteca San Marco (Venetian)
- Rao's (Caesar's)

So, Chowhounders, can you please help me with some pros and cons? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Fiamma is great, not the most romantic though. Inside the forum shops, on the upper level is Il Mulino New York, the food is fantastic and the atmosphere is definetly romantic!

    1. Agree with Fiamma having excellent food, but not necessarily a romantic atmosphere, and the Batali properties are better saved for when food is the focus, not ambience. The Il Mulino suggestion fits in terms of atmosphere but there are two others nearby that are also worth examining - Circo at the Bellagio, and Zefferino at the Venetian.

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      1. re: QAW

        Thanks for all the suggestions! Will continue reading reviews, but given the proximity to Caesar's, I am definitely leaning toward Il Mulino New York or Circo.

        1. re: scubazz

          I thought the service/atmosphere at Il Mulino was terrible.
          Everyone from servers to maitre'd seemed to give off a very snobby vibe and I'm usually pretty immune to that.
          Food was absurdly overpriced although it was good.

          Had one excellent meal and one so-so at B&B.
          Enoteca isn't what you're looking for in this dinner.

          I'd go with Fiamma.
          Maybe Circo. I went there a long time ago and really enjoyed it but have never made it back.

          1. re: zippyh

            How's the ambience at Fiamma? We can live with a less romantic atmosphere if the food and service are great. Had reservations at Fiamma the last time we were in LV but ended up at Craftsteak, so Fiamma is still on the radar.

            1. re: scubazz

              I like the space. I'd just ask for a table that's not along the mall.

      2. I just dined at Sinatra a few nights back. It's the new Italian resty at Encore. I must say it's one of the finer Italian meals I've had in Vegas. Great ambiance, food and service. I rate it a notch higher than Bartolotta and Fiamma and a couple notches higher than B&B. The ossobucco is the best I've had anywhere.

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        1. re: climberdoc

          I am also curious about Sinatra - do you have more details?????