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Jan 15, 2009 07:38 AM

ISO good brunch options near Queen and Roncesvalles

I'm planning to try brunch at Easy this weekend (to finally try their huevos divorciados), but in case there's a long line-up, what are other restaurants with good brunch options, within a 5-10 minute walk?

Also, has anyone had brunch at the Freshwood Grill or Chopin lately?

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  1. oops- meant to add the following links.

    165 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto, ON M6R2L3, CA

    Easy Restaurant
    1645 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6R1A9, CA

    Freshwood Grill
    293 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto, ON M6R2M3, CA

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      I have to say I do not enjoy the Freshwood. Everything tastes salty and not the best in quality.

      My favourite is further up Ronesvalles. Brad's

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      1. You could try one of the Mitzi's - Mitzi's or Mitzi's Sister - but they'll probably have a lineup, too.

          1. Thanks for the suggestions.
            What does Brad's do well?

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            1. re: phoenikia

              Tinto is also great! Once I just had the English muffin, and it was tasty. And I've had various sandwiches there, all of which I've enjoyed. Their baked goods are also pretty delicious. Good coffee. The salad with the cumin dressing is so good!

              1. re: Sarah Cat

                I've had coffee at Tinto, which I liked. Looked very popular when I drove by today. Will have to give it a try on a future visit to the neighbourhood.Thanks for the rec!

                1. re: Sarah Cat

                  I wrote this earlier but it didn't post.... odd.

                  Mitzi's is my go-to spot for breakfast/brunch in the area. The muffins are spectacular, the coffee is strong and delicious, and the homemade sourdough toast is to DIE for. Try and get there during the week for the fishcakes — they are so so good. It gets really busy, though, and in the winter, I don't love waiting outside for one of the (very few) tables. I always go there first, though. It's wonderful. And the service is friendly and accomodating. They don't bring you your check — you just go to the cash to pay whenever you're ready. I adore this spot.

                  My second favourite spot for breakfast is Brad's. I went there with my husband and parents a few weeks ago, and was pretty happy. I had the omelet but asked for no eggs — just the mushrooms, rapini and tomatoes. They did it for me (somewhat grudgingly, which would never be the attitude at Mitzi's) and it was okay. A bit oily. My salad was fanstastic, though. My dad and husband had the breakfast croissant which they both raved about. My mom said her eggs were "perfectly poached". The coffee was fine. Not as good as at Mitzi's. And the toast PALED in comparison to that beautiful sourdough!!