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(Vancouver) How is the new Lumiere?

twinkienic Jan 15, 2009 07:31 AM

Has anyone been to Lumiere since Daniel Boulud took over? I've been hearing good things about DB Bistro but haven't yet heard anything about Lumiere.

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    PH Rodgers RE: twinkienic Jan 15, 2009 09:16 AM

    I've only been to DB Bistro, but I thought the food there was quite good. Worth passing on that David Hawksworth, who should know, thinks the redo at Lumiere has been excellent and predicts that it will be a success.

    1. m
      mumlikeyum RE: twinkienic Jan 15, 2009 05:03 PM

      no. last trip to lumiere was disappointing. went soon after feenie left and it was obviously not up to the caliber that we had experienced there before. no spark at all, so i too am looking forward to hearing what its like now

      1. b
        bdachow RE: twinkienic Jan 16, 2009 06:40 AM

        Went to DB Bistro on boxing day for dinner. Would say the food was pretty good but not excellent (have eaten at Cafe Boulud in NYC, that was excellent). I can't recollect what I ate that night (too many dinners out) but I do remember someone ordered the burger and it was quite good, nice and thick and juicy and very flavorful but I think a little overhyped.
        I really need to start taking more pictures of my dinners. Oh well, next time!

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          twinkienic RE: twinkienic Jan 20, 2009 07:31 AM

          .... doesn't sound like anyone here has been to the new Lumiere. There are no new reviews since the renovation/new chef on dinehere either. I'm kind of surprised.

          I read somewhere that they're doing a promotion at the same time as DOV (until the end of Jan): 3-course prix fixe for $58 (normally is $98) but couldn't confirm that on their website. Might be a good time to try them out.

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            Eastwind RE: twinkienic Feb 20, 2009 04:06 PM

            Two reviews:



            With the two restaurants from Daniel Boulud, and Market at the new Shangri-La Hotel from Jean Georges Vongerichten, Vancouver's dining scene looks like it's taking another step forward.

            1. re: Eastwind
              twinkienic RE: Eastwind Feb 20, 2009 09:36 PM

              Thanks for the links!

              I actually ended up trying Lumiere at the end of January for their $58 3-course promotion and had a wonderful meal. I have pictures somewhere... I will try to post them sometime.

              1. re: twinkienic
                Eastwind RE: twinkienic Feb 21, 2009 10:53 AM

                Look forward to seeing them.

                How do you compare the new Luimere to the old one?

                Is the cuisine/menu similar to Boulud's NYC flagship, three Michen-starred restaurant, Daniel's?

                Hopefully can hear some reviews on the Market as well.

                1. re: Eastwind
                  Blueicus RE: Eastwind Feb 21, 2009 03:28 PM

                  A slight correction, Daniel has 2 stars.

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