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Best grilled cheese in the GTA

I feel like getting a grilled cheese sandwich this weekend

Where to go?

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  1. I like Shanghai Cowgirl's jalapeno, havarti and avocado grilled cheese for an unusual grilled cheese sandwich.

    Patrician Grill does a good standard grilled cheese sandwich.

    Patrician Grill
    219 King St E, Toronto, ON M5A1J9, CA

    Shanghai Cowgirl
    538 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V, CA

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      I heartily concur re Shanghai Cowgirl.

    2. My favourite is at the Boho/Liverbird on Roncesvalles at Howard Park.

      Aged cheddar, bacon, marbled rye grilled cheese served with pub chips or salad and coleslaw.

      Very good!

      1. Believe it or not, Hooter's has a very nice double decker grilled cheese!

          1. Aunties and Uncles on Lippincott -- very yummy and good pickles too!

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              I'll second that rec -- aged white cheddar and crisp bacon on thick slices of challah. Yum!

            2. I am sure someone will know this one and be able to speak to it further... I gather the Leslieville Cheese Boutique does a pretty impressive grilled cheese. It is takeout only though.

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                Chabichou, a new cheese store on harbord just east of bathurst make a lot of didferent grilled cheese and croque monsiers.

                Worth cheacking out, esspecialy if you wash it down with some harbord bakery goodness, which is very close by.

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                  I took my resident 15 year old cheese expert there a couple of weeks ago. Full marks, and they were more than enthusiastic about encouraging tastings and demonstrating products. Full marks.

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                  I was disappointed with my Leslieville Cheese grilled cheese sandwich. For that money, I should have bought cheese, taken it home, and made a much more generously filled sandwich. But, it sounded oh so yummy on the board that I just had to try it. Next time, I'll pass, tho.

                3. I know that the purpose for this post has well past, but I'm a sucker for a good grilled cheese, and future readers could make use of my totally shameless endorsements (no I don't work for any of them).

                  Hope Street Cafe (Lonsdale Rd. at Spadina): Yummy thick-sliced multigrain or Challah with choice of cheddar or swiss, and a dozen toppings. A little greasy because the don't cheap-out on the cheese, so get a veg-based soup or sweet potato fries as your side so you feel a little healthier.

                  The Rebel House (Yonge at Roehampton) does a two-cheeser on French bread fried in shallot butter. I never get mine without the peameal bacon.

                  The Retro Cafe (St Clair West at Vaughan) does a good grilled Reuben with swiss, but their hours are weird, and they're usually packed.

                  The Only Cafe (972 Danforth ave. at Donlands): It's been a few years since I ate there, but they would pretty much throw any grilled-cheese combo together on request. Best is the Croque Monsieur, grilled ham and quality swiss from Alex Farms stuffed between slices of French toast. If I hear that they've dropped this item, I will personally go in and make sure heads roll.

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                    As a GC fan I'll send the Rebel House rec!

                  2. although not on the menu. JKWB will most always do a grilled cheese if asked. They always have a sandwich on the menu, which means they have the fixins for a great grilled cheese. St Johns Sourdough and Sheeps milk cheddar sounds good to me.

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                      Thanks to all. I tried the Grilled Cheese at Vesta. Was very good.

                      1. Harbord Room now has a grilled cheese on the small plate menu. Split it with SO last night and it was awesome. Not traditional by any means but tasty. Applewood smoked cheddar, on a nutty bread and served with a small dish of honey for dipping. I know it sounds a bit odd but it all worked beatufully.

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                          yes it's a terrific grilled sandwich-my only complaint is that it is too tiny!

                        2. Surprised to find out how much I liked the grilled cheese sandwich at the Irish Embassy- extra old cheddar, cucumber and granny smith apple on raisin walnut bread.

                          A tasty sandwich if you happen to be in the neighbourhood.

                          1. Wish we had a grilled cheese place like that episode of Throwdown with Bobby Flay

                            1. Great grilled cheese at the Swan recently.