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Jan 15, 2009 07:15 AM

Birmingham - Silvertron

I want to love this place. I think the staff is very accomodating and nice and it's only a few blocks from my house, but sometimes the food is just blah. Note, I have never had a *bad* meal there and I realize they're not trying to be haute cuisine, but most of the dishes are ones I can easily recreate at home (although not at the same price for one person).

With that said, the steak salad I had last night was as delicious as the other two times I have had it. About 6 ounces or more of pre-sliced, then perfectly grilled, medium-rare tenderloin over a bed of romaine, with tomatoes, red onions and ample crumbled bleu. Bleu and steak go together like chocolate and peanut butter. While not the healthiest, I love their crumbled bacon vinagrette over the salad. This is a decently large meal for only $10.50 with tax.

I think that the menu has changed since the last time I was there (admittedly, the last time I dined in was about 4 months ago but I get take-out every now and then). They now serve 3 different personal pizzas which I might try soon plus I was very tempted to order the french onion soup followed by the crab cakes but I opted to go with that awesome salad.

I'll be back again.

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  1. That is good to know that you had a good visit. I had a burger there back in the fall, and it was just so-so. However, based on your comments, I will try it again soon.

    1. I have not been in a while, but based on your good experiences I will try it again. The last few times I tried it out, shortly after the new owners took over, I was not impressed. I have begun to hear more good things again.

      Like you I am just a few blocks away, and it would be great to have a decent restaurant to add to the choices.

      1. It has been a long time since I have eaten at Silvertron, but I do fondly remember the steak sandwiches (mmmmmm)....but the last time was about 18 months ago...ouch I need to get back! Thanks for the report Dax!

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        1. re: birminghamvisitor

          Went there over the summer and had a horrible meal. The gazpacho was a crime against humanity.

        2. Had an order of the fish and chips yesterday and the fish was deliciously moist with a thin flakey batter. The dish included two fried fillets which I spinkled with malt vinegar before eating. The fries were the regular frozen from a bag but I wasn't exactly expecting Engish chips. I'll order it again.

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          1. re: Dax

            We had brunch at Silvertron Sunday, it was ok, and I will give it a second try.

            Our choices were very simple, I had the chicken ceaser salad roll up with mac & cheese. Overall good, but the mac & cheese is very oily. The chicken tasted as if it was microwaved after being in the fridge. My partner had the grillades (sp?) and grits. The eggs were served room temp, but overall he enjoyed it.
            One picky note at a sit down restaurant nicer then a diner or waffle house condiments such as cream cheese should not be served in individual plastic packets. There is no reason they can not provide them in a small bowl.

          2. The original comment has been removed