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Jan 15, 2009 06:54 AM

Chicago-style pizza in NYC for inauguration office party; delivery to midtown

This may be NYC-pizza sacrilege, but in honor of Pres. Obama I'm looking to order in 40 or so Chicago-style pizzas to my midtown office. I suppose I could convince my boss otherwise if the deep-dish in NY isn't worth the trouble/expense.

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  1. You might have to go with the chain Pizzeria Uno. Not as good as Lou Malnatis, Ginos, etc (I'm a native Chicagoan) but it should do.

    here are the NYC locations:

    Another idea is that Lou Malnatis will ship pizzas (packed in dry ice) that you can cook yourself:

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      1. I think ordering from Pizzeria Uno will cast a pall over your entire party. Their pizza tastes like play-doh. My friends have their kid's party there every year, and every year the food fills me with gloom.

        1. Every few months, someone asks where to find Chicago-style deep dish in NY and the answer is always, nowhere. Either order online or find a different style of pizza

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            or you could just make it at home. get a pie crust and throw some lasagna in there! ;)

          2. I'm not certain why the moderators deleted my response since it didn't contain vulgarity or go off-topic, but let me try to post the helpful information.

            There is no Chicago-style pizza in NYC. Yes there's Pizzeria Uno, but if you've never had deep dish before, Uno shouldn't be your first experience. The proliferation of Uno is exactly why New Yorkers hate Chicago-style pizza. You can order terrific frozen pizza from Lou Malnati's or Gino's, but you will need to have enough oven space to make the pizzas.

            If you are gung-ho on serving Chicago foods, you could conceivably order 40 Chicago-style hot dogs from Shake Shack, because other than that, most foodstuffs Chicagoans take for granted, from pizza to giardiniera, are unavailable in New York.

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              just order grandma pies from Lazzara's or Artichoke or someplace similiar...its close enough and way way better than any pizza that comes out of Chicago....