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Jan 15, 2009 06:52 AM

Sweet Italian Sausage in Detroit area

Inspired by a post in another forum...

One of my all-time favorite foods is home made pasta served with sweet italian sausage. For a long time though, it seems all the italian sausage I've bought and cooked up, is unremarkable. Any locals have suggestions on where to purchase a memorable italian or sicilian sausage? I will travel a distance in the tri-county area to purchase a sample of your suggestions.

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  1. Cantoro's in livonia on middlebelt north of 7 mile should have what you're looking for and more

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    1. my MIL who is Italian loves both the hot and the sweet Italian sausages at Produce Palace On Dequindre just north of 12 in Warren.

      1. Where are you located? Ventimiglia's on Dodge Park between 15 & 16 Mile is "da best". Please don't tell everyone, to paraphrase Yogi Berra "it's already so crowded people don't go there anymore".

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          Only about 8 miles southeast of Vents. When I worked in that area, used to stop by frequently for their italian subs with hot pepper. Thanks for the heads up and reminder, schaf1.

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            Went to Ventimiglia Wednesday and got the sweet. Cooked a homemade batch of red gravy in the Crock Pot yesterday. The raw sausage went into the pot at the start of cooking. Seven hours later we had a glorious dinner. The sausage was bellissimo. Thanks for the rec, schaf1.

          2. Alcamo's on 4423 Schaefer in Dearborn, just south of Michigan Ave. I have yet to be disappointed.

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              RedTop -

              You should also be able to find the Alcamo's Italian sausage at the Nino Salvaggio stores around town. They sell them in 4 or 5 packs, both sweet and hot.

            2. If you find yourself in Ann Arbor, try Sparrow's Meats in Kerrytown.

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