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Jan 15, 2009 06:03 AM

Tofu Noodles


I'm looking for Tofu Noodles in Toronto. I know that a brank House Foods makes them in the states, where I have bought them before

but I have never seen them here. Any one know where I can get them or other ones that are similar.

Your help would be greatly appreciated,


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      1. Not at a supermarket, but Dumpling King (yonge and finch area) makes an awesome Tofu Noodle salad for like $5! Not necessarily tofu NOODLES, but good!

        1. I have seen them at Sue's Fresh Market in Richmond Hill on Major Mac just east of Bathurst. They keep it with the sushi. Are they quite chewy?

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            In a word, yes. :) They're quite firm. I actually really like the texture, but I'm a little weird when it comes to such things. But I think if you're prepared for the fact that they will not have a normal noodle texture, they're not such a shock to the system.

            steph, I buy that exact brand at T&T at Warden and Steeles.