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Jan 15, 2009 05:46 AM

Vee Vee - a mixed bag.

I went to Vee Vee last night for the first time with high hopes of really liking this place. I like the vegetarian (even vegan) influences on the menu and the warm room which only remotely resembled dear old departed Cha Fahn. In short - a mixed bag.

Highlights were the appetizers - a wonderful, flavorful Tuscan bean soup with bread. Thick enough to eat with a fork, packed with flavor and filling without ruining the appetite for a main course. The beans and spinach were cooked in just right and the bread just melted into the dish. perfect for the weather we've been having. The beet salad is a veggie take on a Waldorf - green goddess dressing, celery, apples, walnuts and and all. The components were nice and tasty, but the salad was miniscule and the walnuts seemed to be thrown in at the end instead of fully incorporated.

The real drawbacks were the main dishes. The carrot and parsnip curry lacked the necessary flavor that a dish like this requires. There was one note to it - a mild curry flavor - that tasted bland after a few bites. The butternut squash enchiladas were a step up, but the spicy tastiness of the butternut squash flavor overpowered the blander elements of the rest of the dish - a flour tortilla, bland cheese, odd beans.

I don't want to write a place off because of one off night, but I haven't seen much about Vee Vee on CH. Any other experiences?

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  1. Haven't been in about a month, but we have had a couple of delicious meals at VeeVee. We usually ordered fish for our main courses, however, which may have been the difference. That being said, I love the polenta appetizer in a mushroom of my favorite restaurant dishes of -08. Try it again and (if you can) try a fish entree.

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      I've tried Vee Vee a few times in the hope I will love it - but I never quite get there. I eat vegetarian and usually find those dishes a bit off. As laborchicky said, the squash enchilada was fair, but on a recent visit, the beans were undercooked and the rice was in clumps. Earlier they had another veggie dish (can't quite remember exactly what it was) - served with sweet potatoes that tasted burnt the two times I tried it. On the other hand, my DC always gets one of the fih dishes and enjoys his meal. The polenta and mushroom appetizer is very good - I do recommend that - even if it's not up to the gold standard (IMHO) set by Icarus.

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        Vee Vee is one of our go-to places and we were there last week. I like it a lot at its price point and enjoy the atmosphere. I generally prefer the fish dishes and enjoyed the lobster sausage appetizer and salmon entree that night. One of my least favorite dishes is the OP's favorite, the Ribollita. I think it doesn't have enough flavor (Parmesan rind would help). By the way, Tuesdays and Sundays they have two veggie courses for $19 which is good value.