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Jan 15, 2009 05:30 AM

Greek food

How is the food and prices at Kyma?

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  1. Decently priced, nothing over 28ish for one; i think the most expensive is about 50 and its a lamb for two, I believe. In that area, I'd reccomened Uncle Nick's before Kyma.

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          I don't know about Kyma but I tried Karavas in the West Village a few nights ago and had a terrible experience. Gross octopus, saw the chef using the same knife to cut vegetables after cutting raw meat, my dish came with french fries that might have originally been from McDonald's, we'll never go there again.

    1. Are you open to travel beyond the Times Sq area?

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        1. re: nycwanabe

          Great. Some of my favorites include: Pylos and Ethos. Molyvos and Uncle Nick's have decent food, as well.

      1. For great Greek food and lovely ambiance and service I love both Kellari places:

        1. No-one's mentioned Kefi yet in this thread. I have yet to visit their new location, but a mention of the restaurant seems mandatory in a thread on Manhattan Greek places. I loved them at their old location.