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Jan 15, 2009 03:44 AM

Zoot moving to Bee Cave Bistro space

This news was imparted in yesterday's Austin American Statesman.

Does anyone know what happened to Bee Cave Bistro? I didn't even know that it had closed.

I hope that Zoot does not follow Mars' path.

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  1. It's way the hell out there where 71 and Bee Caves intersect. The AAS article said they were moving there because so many people from that ZIP code ate at the restuarant. I find that hard to believe but I do think that the area they are moving to has a real void of decent places to eat. They will probably do well, especially if they start serving lunches. Too far for me though.

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    1. re: singlemalt

      Awesome. Hopefully this will make up for the recent losses of Buster's and Kahuna's Icehouse. Bee Cave Bistro was ok; I heard that they closed due to a rent increase. It's a nice space, though.

        1. re: ftf

          Yeah, it's closed but they are seeking a new location last I heard.

    2. I'm sure there's a dearth of good restaurants out there but it's difficult to believe they'll do as well as they did (or perhaps used to do before the recent downturn in the restaurant business) in town. The Statesman said Zoot's own surveys showed much of their clientele came from Westlake Hills and that the new location would still be convenient for those folks. But are many people from WH really going to drive out to Bee Caves for dinner? Zoot will also have more tables to fill at the new location, supposedly another benefit of the move for them.

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        I work at 4800 Bee Caves Road and I can cut through Red Bud Trail to Lake Austin Blvd to Hearn faster than I could make it out to 71. So much for surveys.