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What happened to Jerry's Deli??????

I was in LA (Ventura Blvd. location) this week and had ordered a corned beef sandwich at Jerry's & it was sooo tough and had no taste (poor quality beef) that I had to send it back. When the waiter brought another back it was still tough with no flavor and dried out. For $15.50 a sandwich it is a shame!!!!!! Any comments?????

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  1. my recommendation:

    go to brent's (in the vally)
    drive over the hill to nate 'n al's

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      listen to this person

      Brent's is one of my favorites for pastrami/corn beef

      Also try Barney Greengrass only because they get fresh H and H bagels flown in every morning.

    2. Nothing happened. It was, is, and will always be horrible.

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        Prior to the 1990s, Jerry's was actually pretty good. Then they got too big for their britches, and the quality went down the crapper.

      2. They went public.
        Only thing I like there is the mushroom barley soup.

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          love the mushroom barley soup ~~ w/no flanken

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            They do a good clean, dry egg white omelette... with mushrooms, tomatoes, and onions. And a side of steamed veggies. Get some pickles and heated sauerkraut, and for 20 bucks... a healthy dinner... and an empty wallet.

          2. Jerry's is useful when: it is the middle of the night and they are the only place open; it is Christmas day and they are the only place open; or, you stumble upon that rare situation where they have a cook who can properly cook a couple of eggs to order and there is a server paying attention so it actually gets to you hot and you are willing to pay the premium Jerry's charges over a much better deli or diner.

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              Being a "middle of the night" person I look for places open all night or that open up very, very early. Jerry's in the Marina fits that open all night bill. But the food is so bad on the two occasions that I tried it that it's no longer even an option. Norm's is so much better for breakfast that it's not even close. Now that says something about the quality of a place. When Norm's blows it into the weeds you have probably found a restaurant that has reached rock bottom.

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                Second Norm's for breakfast. Check out the "4 deuces," which is 2 eggs, 2 slices bacon, 2 sausage links, 2 pancakes (and Norm's has excellent pancakes), $3.99. AND you can sub pretty much however you want: 4 bacon or sausage instead of 2 each, biscuit and gravy instead of pancakes, etc. It's a good deal. Coffee is too expensive, though, and not so great. Not awful, just not so great.

            2. I never found the allure of Jerry's. At the same price or less you get much better at Art's Deli in Studio City. Their chopped liver with pastrami on rye is great.

              1. Pretty much the only thing I like at Jerry's is their matzoh ball soup, and even that is not 100% consistent.

                1. Last time I ate at Jerry was in the early 2000s. Overpriced and crappy food.

                  1. I've had some bad experiences at Jerry's Deli the last few years. Somewhere here or on another restaurant review board, I wrote a long piece about how disappointing the food had become.

                    However, last week, a business meeting forced me to eat at the Jerry's in Westwood Village and I have to admit it was pretty good. If they were all like that all the time, they'd get a lot of my business back.

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                      It's always been said that every good restaurant can have a bad day, maybe a bad restaurant can have a good day!!

                    2. I just wrote a short post about Joseph's deli, which I really like, in Tarzana. If you're now looking for a great deli sandwich, about half the price of Jerry's.

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                        jerry's menu is too large and it cant concentrate on its bread and butter items...deli foods.

                        try juniors on pico and westwood too for goo deli food.

                      2. I love Jerry's Famous Deli.

                        I love the mushroom barley soup and I love the chicken liver nosh with rye bread ends, not bagel chips

                        I love that they were there for me after the divorce when the kids were with their father on Christmas and I couldn't bear to sit with one of my friend's family as the "added" guest.

                        I love Jerry's for so many reasons.

                        Their pickles.

                        Their rye bread

                        Because they are there when you need them.

                        1. oh we SO agree - the portions have gotten SO small (what's the deal with this NY vs. LA sizes) and the quality has plummeted. We will make the drive to Brent's eventhough we can walk to Jerry's on VB.

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                            Must be something about the portions at Brent's.....scary if you look around and see how many really overweight people are eating there. But, Brent's is the go to place in the valley.

                          2. Some 20 years ago we lived in the vicinity of that Jerry's and it was terrific. This was before they decided they wanted to own every deli in the country.

                            Not only did the food at that location go seriously downhill, but they bought Solly's in VanNuys and completely destroyed that one too.

                            Now we live near the Jerry's in Woodland Hills. Not as horrible as Studio City but nothing like a real deli and the prices are unconscionable. $20 for a quart of take out vegetable soup?!!!!

                            My rec? See if you can find a real deli that they haven't discovered and destroyed yet.