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Jan 14, 2009 06:08 PM


For something a little different.. has anyone out there recently just gone out simply for dessert? Or, skipped dessert at one restaurant and moved on to someplace else for a little sweet (and maybe an dessert wine to go along with it)? If so, where and what did you have?

P.S. I'm not talking about driving up to Flaky Tart (my fave) on Saturday afternoon for coffee and crumb cake or stopping off for a pint of ice cream on the way home from dinner, but really going out for dessert ... with a purpose.

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  1. If in the mood for dessert or after a disappointing meal, I usually go to the Bar at Nicholas. Two favorites of mine include the beingnets and the warm valhrona chocolate cake. Combine the dessert with either a cheese course and/or the proper tea service and you have yourself a "dessert with a purpose." Good Luck.

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      Knew I could count on you, but I'm surprised that other CHs have had nothing to say on the matter thusfar. Maybe dessert is overrated?
      And thanks for the notes regarding the Bar at Nicholas, we might even try it tonight. Beingnetsbare among my favorites and should be on more menus. I've had them at several other places in the area, the best being at Shipwreck so far (not including Cafe du Monde in N.O., of course).

    2. If's Drew's Bayshore Bistro has his "funny bone" dessert on the menu I'd drive for hours to get that.....

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        It still is. We had the "Funny Bone" last night for the first time. Seriously delicious!! It is worth driving miles for. And the Bananas Foster Bread Pudding is not exactly too shabby either!

        I see only problem with doing dessert at Drew's. Unless you go during the week when it isn't too busy or fairly late on a busy weekend evening when tables have emptied, I don't think it's fair to Drew to occupy a table for dessert only.

        Dessert at the bar at Nicholas -- which I highly recommend -- is an entirely different matter since it is specifically set up to encourage people to stop in for small plates and/or dessert.

      2. it feels really good to do that once in a while! just treat yourself to a good desert!

        1. Under its old owners, Oliver in Bordentown used to be open on Saturday nights just for dessert. It was awesome. They had the best hot cocoa ever and the chef was always trying out something new with the dessert menu. And they had music. It was perfect on a winter evening.

          1. I had a really good dessert at Thyme Square in Red Bank. The restaurant has closed. If the pastry chef is working elsewhere, I'd like to know.