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Jan 14, 2009 06:04 PM

Portuguese Farm Bread

I found a recipe ( for Portuguese Farm Bread that I would really like to make, but it calls for a food processor. Unfortunately, I only have a mini prep processor which will obviously not suffice. How would I make this by hand?

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  1. Look the FP only allows you to mix everything together quickly.

    You can plunk the ingredients into a stand mixer or even mix it by hand.

    In fact mixing by hand insures that you will never over-mix...something that you can easliy do in the FP.

    If doing it by hand, then give yourself about 10 minutes of time to knead, although your dough may come together more quickly....but no risk to go longer.

    1. I second Food Tyrant's motion. I always mix bread dough by hand. I also allow the dough to ferment for about 18 hours. Patience makes better bread.