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Jan 14, 2009 05:42 PM

Oil Change Eats

Taking the vehicle in for an oil change this Saturday. Dealership is located in the Eastern Avenue and Broadview area. Looking for a breakfast / brunch place that has good food - doesn't have to be pretty.

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  1. I'd suggest Bonjour Brioche at 812 Queen East (at DeGrassi - NW corner just before the railway overpass)...

    Not too long a walk.

    It's a little hectic, and the service suffers as a result, but the food can be quite good. My personal favourite is the beef on a baguette - shaved, rare roast beef on a baguette with aioli and brie. DON'T let them toast it - the beef goes from silk to cardboard.

    I am also very fond of the brioche and the fruit-accented pastries (not the tarts with custard, but the pastries made with lemon, blueberry and raspberry). Quiche is very good, as is the french toast.

    Just west of Broadview there's Dark Horse Espresso (north side), and I think F'Coffee (south side, closer to the DVP). Never been to these two, but there seems to be some enthusiasm in other postings.

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    1. re: aveivy

      Doesn't The Citizen do a brunch thing? Isn't it half the distance from the dealership that Bonjour Brioche is? Not trying to split hairs here, but at 20 below 0.3 km counts.

        1. re: Dimbulb

          I went to Pop a few months ago for brunch/lunch and found it very disappointing. We were the only ones there (never a great sign) and found the food pretty mediocre. The salad that came with my sandwich had been pre-dressed and was soggy. The back patio was really cute (in the warmer months, of course) and the service was fine but I can't see myself rushing back unless I hear some positive feedback from others.

          We get our car serviced in the same area and usually walk to Bonjour Brioche for breakfast. If you get there early, you avoid the headaches that come with the crowds and the food is pretty good.

    2. Also, I think Pop Bistro does brunch, and they are just west of Broadview.Of course there's always Gales Fine Dining at Carlaw and Eastern if you don't mind a walk!

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      1. re: Leslieville

        i get my oil changes done in that area too (at Amins)

        anyways -- i've often gone to Bonjour Brioche while waiting -- the attitude is terrible
        but the food sadly makes up for it

        1. re: ssainani

          Hmmm, I've never had any attitude there. Yes, it's crazy busy all the time, so I guess if you're really picky and demanding, they probably get huffy. I say good for them! It's not McDonald's.

          BTW, if you need to pick up bread in that area, head 1 block up Broadview to St. John's. Some of the best bread in town (not to mention scones and other treats) and it supports a great charity

          1. re: currycue

            You're probably the only person on here who says they don't get attitude! You don't have to be "really picky and demanding", it just seeme to go with the territory. It has been a very common theme on here about the snotty attitude and service I don't think quality of food ever justifies rudeness to paying customers.

            1. re: Leslieville

              All I can say is that I've been going there now for about 10 years (maybe every 4 months or so) and can't remember any issues with the staff, other than that they were always hurried and tired looking. I try my best to go on a weekday when I have time off rather than attempt the line up on weekends.

              1. re: currycue

                Sometimes it's attitude, sometimes they're harried, sometimes it's incompetence, and sometimes it's all of the above. Sometimes they're friendly. Occasionally the service is actually good.

                1. re: embee

                  I would imagine they're a lot friendlier on a Tuesday when there isn't a line out the door like every Saturday and Sunday for brunch.