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Jan 14, 2009 05:17 PM

What to order at Hearth?

Hey 'hounders,

A friend of mine is visiting NYC this weekend and we're planning to go to dinner at Hearth. I've read through various postings here and around the 'net that the gnocchi and the apple cider donuts are THE dishes to get. But, I would like to know what else should we try from their current menu?



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  1. Agree on the gnocchi, and their pasta dishes in general are very good. In my past visits, I also enjoyed their beef (with bone marrow) and their veal.

    1. Went last night. For the apps, Mrs. GG loved her 1/2 portion of tagliatelle with wild mushrooms (including morels!). My scallop "carpaccio" pounded thin and covered with uni, radish and soy would make the most purist of nipponophiles ecstatic. Mrs. GG's veal meatballs with ravioli were good but at $26 for two big meatballs and two raviolis I thought a little steep. My veal breast was rolled into a "filet mignon" and covered with ramps and spring onions and surrounded by sweetbreads and more morels. A very ambitious dish though the execution didn't live up to the description as the veal was a little fatty and the sweet breads lacked any sauce or seasoning (though made for a nice combo with the veal and the morels. Mango coconut pie tasted like apple pie. A little disappointed but maybe I ordered badly.

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        Wow I'm really surprised about the lackluster my experience, hearth does a fantastic job with sweetbreads. One of my favorite dishes in manhattan is the starter they do in the winter sometimes with sweetbreads and veal stuffed in cabbage.

        Too bad :( I would have ordered what you did as it sounds amazing.

      2. Has anyone dined at Hearth recently? Are there any dishes you've ordered there recently that you've really enjoyed? Thanks for any comments or recommendations!