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Best Pancake Nominee?

My earlier post on Dupar's has caused me to wonder what other griddle-borne goodness may be lurking out there in the City of Angels.

Please nominate your selection for "best pancake" and also include a coherent reason why.


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  1. I'm not normally a pancake person -- I usually go with hashbrowns on the side, extra crispy. But I really like the ones at S & W Diner -- big, tasty, a nice texture, not too heavy but with substance. Two large ones come as a side alternative with their combo breakfasts -- I try to go with a friend close enough so one of us orders the pancakes and the other the hashbrowns and toast and we can share. At S & W a main (I like the homemade corned beef hash, crispy), two eggs any style, and a choice of side is as much or more than I can eat and well under $10.

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      As stated in the Du-Pars post, Schooner or Later in Long Beach. My coherent reason is flavor.

    2. Julienne in Pasadena.

      Coherent reason? They're pumpkin and topped with crystalized ginger butter. That's reason enough for me, coherent or otherwise.

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        Love their French Toast, all three types but especially the Creme Brulee French Toast. I'll have to try the pancakes soon, very soon!

        2649 Mission St, San Marino, CA 91108

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          Wow I've never heard of Julienne. Thanks for the address. I love Pasadena and cant wait to check it out.

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            Lunch is good too, not open for dinner (well sometimes for special events).

      2. First stop is Original Pancake House. It will take a month of Sundays for you to try half of the Pancakes on the menu .This is not IHOP where every pancake is the same but with different toppings. These are really all different.. Try the thin chewy flap jacks and the fluffy buttermilks first. Then move on to the others. Finally, go to Pie N Burger in Pasadena for the best thin style and fluffy style.

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          The apple pancake at OPH is my personal favorite (at least outside of New England), although I suppose it's not really a traditional pancake.

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            Just a note on the OPH that if you get the dutch baby get a side of bacon (or other pancakes!) as well. That baby is not very filling but it is tasty. Also the bacon waffle, while delicious in imagination is not so delicious upon presentation. I didn't read the description clearly and thought it would arrive having been made with bacon in the batter. In actuality it's just a waffle with broken up bacon bits strewn on top. I could of done that myself.

        2. baked apple pancake
          baked german pancake
          from dinah's family restaurant near LAX

          1. Montebello Country Club coffee shop for chewy thin pancakes like they used to serve at Hamburger Hamlets for Sunday brunch. I'm not a fan of thick fluffy kind.

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              Hey monku, is this coffee shop up that hill on Via San Clemente off Garfield? I have gone to several meetings at that large hall up there. All I ever ate up there was some mass produced rubber chicken served to 200 people during the meeting. I never noticed a coffee shop. Is this place open in the morning hours during the week? Do they offer these thin chewy pancakes everyday? My Thanks

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                The coffee shop is on the ground floor next to the golf shop below the banquet rooms. They remodeled the coffee shop and bar last year. You can park at the golf course lot or around the back at the Hilton Garden Hotel.

                The coffee shop is open everyday 5:30am-4pm. The food at the coffee shop is pretty good. Play golf there once a week and eat lunch there. I'd eat breakfast there too, but I'm a big fan of J&S's machaca burrito for breakfast.

                Pancakes are served everyday and you can get them anytime of day. You can get even get one pancake if you want to just try it--that's what my buddy orders for breakfast or Golfer's Special with 2 pancakes, eggs and bacon of sausage for $6.95. One day I said I wanted 4 pancakes (they almost cover the plate) and it was way too much. They also do a great hamburger.....1/3 pound burger (ask for it med-rare) and fries for like $6.95.....I think its the best hamburger around. They also have a great Thai chicken salad for $8.95 which is pretty good too.

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                  I finally got a chance to try these cakes. This is a very nice cafe to either sit at the counter or at a booth or table. I saw two nice large flat TVs. These pancakes are larger than regular cakes and more thin with a little chew. The cakes at Pie, n Burger and Original House are larger, thinner and have more of a chewy texture. I would say Montebello Country Club coffee shop cakes are a mix (someplace between) thick fluffy and thin flap-jacks. They are good and when I return again I might look into the breakfast burrito I noticed in the menu.

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                    Glad you were able to check it out.
                    Try the hamburger-I think its one of the best around and ask for it med-rare, think its a half pound burger. Never had the breakfast burrito, but one of my buddy's is always ordering the machaca burrito. They do a great Thai chicken salad, you'd be surprised.

            2. I'm not a huge fan of pancakes in general, but the blueberry pancakes with ricotta at Little Dom's is ridiculously good. Easily my favorite pancakes in the city.

              1. Two nominees...
                1. Home Bakery and Cafe in Montrose. Basic buttermilk pancakes but there is no mealy texture at all, a perfect medium brown color, and just a hint of a crusty crunch on the outer layer of the cake. Before being served, butter is melted over the top and the taste is out of this world. It also help that you can get a combo with eggs and bacon for around $5.

                2. Peach Cafe in Monrovia. Many go for their blueberry cakes, which are very good, but the buttermilk variety is also outstanding. There secret...which isn't really since they readily tell you...is putting some orange juice in the batter which gives the final product a slightly sour taste that reminds me of a good sourdough bread. Again, the price for cakes alone is in the $5 range and the cakes can be substituted on any of the other breakfast plates in place of the hash browns and toast.

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                  Yeah, those pancakes at the Peach Cafe are a true uptown breakfast and that orange juice is what puts them over the top. The coffee selections are also very good.

                  The Peach Cafe

                  1. re: JeetJet

                    I have to agree about the Peach Cafe. The pancakes were tasty.

                  2. re: heckonwheels

                    I tried Home Bakery last weekend and unfortunately couldn't muster much enthusiasm for the pancakes...maybe it was an off day but they were rather bland. Sorry.

                  3. I truly enjoy Du-Par's pancakes as I find them fluffy and cooked just right with a cake like texture and soft and slightly chewy texture. The drawn butter is a nice complement and I find this a steal of a place to go when it is late night. I am a pancake purist and I do not like fruit, nuts, or flavored syrup on my pancakes. People may differ here on this board, but I think they are the best in LA for straight forward traditional pancakes.....

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                      I don't even LIKE traditional pancakes and I like DuPars. But I always go with the boysenberry syrup.

                    2. THIS IS MY FAVORITE SUBJECT NEXT TO BBQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hands down, the tastiest and most consistently good pancakes are at The Original Pancake House. The only LA county location is Redondo Beach. But...if you have ever been to any location, including those in Orange County or San Diego, they are all packed all of the time. My favorites are the 49'er flapjacks which are thin like a crepe and as big as a plate. Others have tried to duplicate (ex: Marstons & Pie n Burger) but they do not achieve the same texture as OPH.

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                        I disagree about Pie n Burger not achieving the same texture for those thin flapjacks. After going to both places for years and thinking they were closly the same I actually had to try both places back-to-back. So about two months ago I did both places the same day. (I had brakfast at Pie N Burger and then my son called to meet him in OC, so I went and...) and the winner hands-down, IMO, is Pie N Burger. I say that not only because the price was less and because you get one more pancake then OHP, but because of a better chewy texture and flavor. Also, at Pie N Burger those large thin pancakes are cooked just a lttle darker and IMO that looks more homemade. Also, once I knew for sure that I liked the thin cakes at Pie N Burger most, I could not stop eating'em and went back twice a week for several weeks. Then I noticed my pants started getting -- ah , small again -- and I had to stop going about four weeks ago.

                        1. re: JeetJet

                          I've never had anything but lukewarm chili and wonderful hamburgers, hashbrowns, and pie at PIE 'N BURGER, so on JJ's recommendation, I'll have to try their pancakes soon. I'm surprised to hear they even resemble, much less challenge, the OPH 49'er Flap Jacks, those thin, tender, and lightly chewy pancakes from the chow side of Heaven.

                      2. I love the pancake at The Griddle Cafe that has a shot of espresso and chocolate chips.

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                        1. re: sobriquet

                          Love the Griddle. Especially the pumpkin pancake. Yum.

                          1. re: sobriquet

                            Black Magic, Pumpkin, Golden Ticket........hell, all of 'em are superb.

                            1. re: uhockey

                              #1 Griddle for the audacity and decadence and the variety - vast difference between the textures/flavors of each pancake.

                              #2 CiCi's for the variety and decadence, not quite on par w/ Griddle and the pancakes are mostly the same aside from the sauces.

                              #3 Jack n' Jills for GREAT quality hotcakes (fluffy, airy, great) that are much more subtle than the others - yet can be dressed up for decadence.

                          2. I'm not a pancake fan... but my favorite are the thin lemon ones from Campanile.... I wrap them around their fabulous sausage... DELISH...


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                              I will second that these are good... though haven't had them in eons... back when I still could :(

                            2. Kate Mantilini. Thin, crepe like and delicious!

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                                Kate Mantilini is owned by the Lewis'........the originators of Hamburger Hamlet. Its the same pancakes they used to serve for Sunday brunch at the Hamlets and same type of pancakes I've had at the Montebello Country Club coffee shop.

                                I have it from a source that worked at the Hamlets that it comes from a commercial pancake mix that they "thin" down to get that type of pancake.

                              2. Aunty Em's in Eagle Rock has a rotating pancake special for their weekend brunch...always delicious with a complementing house-made butter to match. Scrumptious.

                                1. my pick of the moment is Square One - nice & fluffy, you can taste the fresh dairy flavors, vanilla whipped cream made with real vanilla beans, real maple syrup (although, does any respectable restaurant serve the fake stuff anymore??)

                                  Square One Dining
                                  4854 Fountain Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90029

                                  1. The Four Seasons' lemon ricotta pancakes are really light and yet flavorful and melt in your mouth good.

                                    The Griddle has the pick for the biggest selection of decadent more desserty/candy cakes.

                                    1. Dish in LaCanada has great pancakes

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                                        Agree, but the manager refuses to offer real maple syrup!

                                        1. re: sel

                                          Have you checked the prices on that lately? It's now up to about $15 for a jug that cost about $8-10 a year ago. . .

                                          1. re: Joani Macaroni

                                            it could be offered with an upcharge-- a little pitcher (maybe 3 oz) for an extra $3 or so. . .

                                            1. re: Joani Macaroni

                                              Sorry, just saw your reply. When I talked to Dish's manager prices were still reasonable. Yes maple syrup prices have shot sky high but I think it should be offered as westsidegal mentions for an upcharge. I did go to a lovely place in Oakland that made there own brown sugar and apple cider syrup (tasted delicious) because of the current high prices for pure maple syrup. I love the creativity of that place, haven't seen it in L.A.

                                          2. I like the 9 grain pancake at Axe. It's big, so I recommend sharing it with someone along with something else on the menu.

                                            1. I admit I haven't tried most of the restaurants other posters have suggested but I love the Original Pancake House.I went this morning in fact!

                                              Order either the 49'ers (which is what I had today) SO GOOD.
                                              the apple pancake
                                              or the dutch baby
                                              my friend likes the buckwheat or original, which are good, but I like the other three much better!

                                              My favorite pancake used to be Soul Folks in downtown LA but I hear they closed down? (haven't been in years) they were the best I have ever had.

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                                              1. re: junglekitte

                                                The OPH Georgia pecan pancakes, the Swedish (thin, sometimes with crisp edges) served with lingonberries, and the French crepes (with either fresh or frozen strawberries, depending on the season) are also outstanding.

                                                1. re: junglekitte

                                                  please, please, please if soul folks has resurfaced somewhere let us all know.

                                                2. Bake 'n Broil usually has lemon blueberry buttermilk pancakes listed on the specials board, mornings only. Lots of berries, sprinkled with lemon zest and served with a dish of raspberry sauce instead of syrup. Outstanding flavor combo.

                                                  1. I have discovered that the pancakes at Cedars Sinai cafeteria are not only incredibly inexpensive, but quite good. Highly recommended!

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                                                      How funny I was thinking the same thing about Cedars Sinai and that great little cafeteria.
                                                      It's a nice little cafeteria, I had a great turkey burger a few weeks ago, but haven't had the pancakes yet
                                                      Next time.

                                                    2. To add to the suggestions already made: I love the pancakes at Pacific Dining Car (breakfast is the only meal I really enjoy there)--the blueberry in particular are huge but fluffy and bursting with wonderful blueberries. Marston's also does very good blueberry pancakes but it is hard not to order the excellent crunchy french toast when I go there. Uncle Bill's in Manhattan Beach offers a nice variety and executes them well but I seldom have the patience to wait in the inevitable line to get in.

                                                      Pacific Dining Car
                                                      1310 W 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90017

                                                      Marston's Restaurant
                                                      151 E Walnut St, Pasadena, CA 91103

                                                      Uncle Bill's Pancake House
                                                      1305 Highland Ave, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

                                                      Pacific Dining Car
                                                      2700 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90403

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                                                      1. re: New Trial

                                                        My son just mentioned to me yesterday that he had those pancakes at the Pacific Dining Car this week and thought they were excellent. He also mentioned that breakfast for two was a little over $60. Your mention of blueberry pancakes made me recall another place for blueberry pancakes -- Egg Heaven Cafe. These are also very good. I order a high stack with a side of sausage. The sausage has a nice casing (snap) and a flavor and texture that is way above most.

                                                        Egg Heaven Cafe.
                                                        4358 East 4th St. (Corner of East 4th and Ximeno St.)
                                                        Long Beach, CA
                                                        (562) 433-9277

                                                        1. re: JeetJet

                                                          oh, I've been in the mood for yummy pancakes too.. think I will have to check out the Original Pancake House in Redondo Beach. 1756 South Pacific Coast Hwy. Redondo Beach, California 90277 310-543-9875 http://www.originalpancakehouse.com/

                                                      2. Not "the best" pancakes, but delicious and unique: the strawberry chai pancakes at Hugo's in West Hollywood. Complement them with a chai latte!

                                                        My favorite pancake EVER was at the Dipsea Cafe in Mill Valley, Marin County. Upside-down with caramelized sliced mango. It tasted extra good coming as my breakfast reward after a 14 mile trail run. I'm afraid to say more lest this post get kicked off the L.A. board. :)

                                                        1. The fresh corn pancakes at Jar are etheral.

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                                                            I totally agree! Superb corn pancakes. The sticky bun amuse bouche is pretty damn good too, and their shredded roast beef hash, while nontraditional, is one of my favorites.

                                                          2. I forgot that I did a comparison of Dupars versus Original Pancake House in 2007. The link is here:


                                                            1. Lemon ricotta pancakes with caramelized blueberry compote at Mike & Anne's in South Pasadena. I've tried lemon ricotta pancakes at a couple of other places in LA and these are the best. Very moist and you can actually see bits of ricotta in the batter. Mike & Anne's other breakfast offerings are also very good.


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                                                                Ever had them at the Four Seasons on Doheny?

                                                              2. You have to try Pie and Burger in Pasadena. Nothing too fancy, just fluffy and super fresh.

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                                                                1. re: ohdaylay

                                                                  Fluffy? Yeah, Pie and Burger does have great fluffy pancakes but in your 2007 comparison, which you link above of Dupars versus Original Pancake House, you had the 49er flapjacks at OPH. I agree that the OPH is far superior to D. But have you compaired the thin chewy pancakes at P&B with those OPH 49er flapjacks? If you have not then you must have them -- thin, chewy, more for your money than OPH and better bacon too. Sitting at that counter and having a full stack of P&B thin style pancakes has become something I do when I know I need something real special to start my day.

                                                                  1. re: JeetJet

                                                                    I keep forgetting to get over to PNB for breakfast and will correct that mistake soon.

                                                                    However, I'm confused. Does PNB have two kinds of pancakes -- (1) fluffy and (2) thin, chewy, non-fluffy, OPH Forty-Niner's style? Their menu (http://www.pienburger.com/menu.htm) lists only "Hot Cakes."

                                                                    1. re: sbritchky

                                                                      Sorry. That is a good point and it should be mentioned when discussing P&B pancakes. Yea, they two types of "Hot Cakes." The menu only mentions "Hot Cakes" so when you order you must make sure the server knows which kind you want -- thick & fluffy or thin and chewy. Most of the time the server will ask which kind you want but sometimes they do not ask and.... Twice I have gone there with aq fried and while sitting at the counter reading the menu the server put a short stack in front of us. I asked what are these... And was told the cook makes extra sometimes and so.... That was how I got to try the thick kind. They are very good but when I order I get the thin kind. Like I say, when I feel a bad day is in my future, or feel I deserve something special just for me, I order a full stack w/ extra butter (although they give you lots of butter without the asking).

                                                                      The thin and chewy are the same style as the Forty-Niner Flap Jacks at OPH. The thick and fluffy are more like the buttermilk at OPH but larger. Once I told the server that next time they re-print the menu they should list "Fluffy pancakes" and "Thin FlapJacks." I got only a look that said, "Why?" That is one reason why I lke the place, they never change.

                                                                      1. re: JeetJet

                                                                        OK -- thanks. Armed with this knowledge and an empty stomach I'll stop by some morning soon for those skinny cakes. (I've already called to see if they offer them later in the day but, sadly, no.)

                                                                        1. re: sbritchky

                                                                          Thanks for letting me know they do not offer them later. I thought they did. This is the kind of place that if they ever do make any changes or new additions it would be adding a P&B Official Suggestion Box twenty feet above the top of the entry door.

                                                                2. Another place I learned about here from our "Chino Wayne" is Frisco's. Very good lagre fluffy style pancakes. I ask for some blueberry topping that they put on their blueberry ice cream and they will even warn it up -- so good. The ambiance of Frisco's is as close to a NJ diner as it gets here in L.A., They have some booths made from cars. No movie star look-a-likes but the carhops on skates, eh, -- how did Vincent say it? -- "It's like a wax museum with a pulse rate." See the slides..


                                                                  Frisco's servers -- Slide Show

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                                                                  1. re: JeetJet

                                                                    OK, so I went to P&B and got the thin pancakes. They were more well done than the ones at OPH but they were dry and tasted faintly of grease form the grill. The 49er flapjacks at OPH have a certain "chew" and "moistness" to them. While I go to P&B from time to time, I think it is impossible to cite any item there as superior to the offerings at OPH. To each his own...

                                                                  2. The pink lady at Cici's Cafe in Tarzana. Very fluffy with an incredible combo of raspberry, macadamia nut, and raspberry sauce. Buttery bites of HEAVEN.

                                                                    1. For a different savory type pancake there is a korean type called pa-jun. Sometimes you can get a mixed seafod or even a kimchee pancake. The batter is slightly different but is really delicious.
                                                                      Also cobras has a socca cake which is a chickpea pancake which you can top with either a cilatro sauce or a goat cheese and honey. I personally like the goat cheese and honey. Yum!

                                                                      1. I'm a Norm's convert. Everything else there is mediocre at best, but those pancakes are amazing. Buttery, perfectly cooked toasty brown outside, delicious flavor in the batter, melting pat o butter on top...did I mention the butter?

                                                                        1. Hugo's on Riverside in Sherman Oaks makes a very decent pumpkin pancake.

                                                                          1. Sourdough pancakes @ Temecula Creek Inn

                                                                            Oatbran pancakes @ Brent's Deli (Northridge)

                                                                            1. I also love DuPars but since have found a better.
                                                                              You HAVE TO try Gridles Cafe on Sunset. OMG! They have all kinds of pancakes and each one is the size of a medium size pizza pie!!! I have been twice. I have tried one with butterscotch, coconut, rolled oats.... it basically had everything under the sink in it. It was beyond!! The next time I tried the chocolate chip pancakes. I took a friend (thats her in the pic. lol). There was no way to finish this ONE pancake. Gosh it was good though.