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Jan 14, 2009 04:07 PM

An excellent Micro Plane

People spend a ton of money on kitchen gadgets. I was watching my kid using this thing called the Ped Egg. I was just watching and then checked this out. It was a micro plane for the feet. If you dont know about we chefs use some wild things in kitchens now this is a staple. Whie practicing for the Culinary Olympics I needed to shave down some frozen fish fillets to fuse together 3 different types of fish. needing to plane the filets to 3/8" thick i went to the store and bought this womans foot micro plane they came in a 3 pak All I can say is now i have rid the long trim micro planes and just use this ped egg. Toy can scrape lemons or whatever just like brushing shoes because it scrapes in both directions then collects its contents in the container. You have no idea how great this goofy little foot thing has been used even for cheeses,spice perries, citrus, even frozen fish as we used plus the scrapings were so fine we easily made a moussiline so smooth. Check these little things out

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  1. Chef, my wife and I always liked your show on PBS when we lived in RI, it's one of the things I miss.

    I know exactly what you mean with the Ped Egg. There are times when regular culinary gadgets are more expensive because they are labeled as such. Last week we were in an Ace Hardware and we picked up a funnel in their housewares isle. Then browsing more we saw other funnels in the auto isle for oil and whatnot and these were not only much cheaper in price, they were also better in size and quality. It's like those fishbone pliers they sell in kitchenwares shops, when a regular pair on needlenose does the job.

    Again, I'm happy to see your posts on CH, thanks for your passion and love for food.

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      The problem with using a tool not designed for food, on food, is that you don't know if it's clean or safe. Maybe with the ped egg, it might be OK since the blade is metal, although even then, you don't know what kind of metal unless the package says something like "medical grade stainless steel."

      I personally would think twice before using the automotive department funnel however. If it's a decent funnel, the plastic should be formulated to resist some of the harsh chemicals used for automotive maintenance. The chemists won't be thinking about food safety when they formulate those plastics since they're not manufacturing funnels for food use.

      On the other hand, it's possible that you might find the same funnel labeled and priced differently for each end use. Just gotta look carefully.