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Jan 14, 2009 04:00 PM

A sourdough starter to share?...

I live in SF and am relatively new to baking. After a failed attempt at a sourdough starter, I found this forum. There was a thread saying that starters could be bought in SF down by Pier 39/ Fisherman's Wharf. I spent over an hour down there today (starting at Boudin's and going to all of the tourist shops) and they said they don't sell them anymore.

Is anyone will to provide me with a bit of starter? Or advice on how to get a fresh one commercially?


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  1. I have seen other people take empty containers into Acme Bread in Berkeley on San Pablo and get starter. I know nothing else about it.


      this link will get you Sunset Magazine's recipe. I have used it since it originally appeared in the 1970s. Temperature is important both for mixing and resting the starter before it is ripe.

      Good luck. I am going to mix some tomorrow. Thanks for prompting this memory.

      1. You can purchase starter at Boulette's Larder at the Ferry Building.
        (mild, with only a little tang)

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          1. I asked at the cheeseboard and they gave me a small amount. I grew it to a larger amount and it works really well.